Measurement and projection

Compared to suppliers with a fixed product range, LAP offers more than linelasers and sensors. LAP provides as well components as systems, offering competence and ressources for customized solutions.

Laser Measurement


for dimensional measurement

LAP offers sensors for several tasks in dimensional measurement. You may chose between triangulation sensors (e.g. displacement, thickness, width, height, length, straightness, flatness), laser scan micrometer (e.g. diameter or gap) or laser light section sensors (whole surface profiles).


for dimensional measurement

LAP doesn't only offer components, but complete, turn-key systems, from development, design, production and construction to commissioning - hardware, software and service. Ready-made, modular or customized solutions using state of the art laser technology. 


for projection of outlines and templates

Laser projectors display precise, true to scale outlines, templates, patterns or other shapes on virtually all surfaces by projecting laser lines.

The laser projection is based on CAD data. Imported data is processed into projection data and then transferred to one or several laser projectors. Projection surface may be flat or curved. 

LAP offers customized solutions for several processing industries as compositesconcretewood or stone.

Movable lines and crosshairs

SERVOLASER series offers one or two movable laser lines combined with one or two fixed lines in one housing. The moving range is selectable, lines may move symmetrically, asymmetrically or free over the full range.

for alignment and positioning

LAP offers lasers that project lines, crosshairs or points. Models vary in laser colour, size, enclosure rating, and power supply.