LAP laser sensors measure dimensions without
touching the surface.

Production processes can be monitored permanently,
ensuring quality and reducing rejects.
LAP measurement systems are flexible and easy to integrate.

Having no contact with the object to be measured,
you may also measure soft, sticky, hot or other
sensitive surfaces. There will be no wear or tear
at the sensor. 


for dimensional measurement

LAP offers sensors for several tasks in dimensional measurement. You may chose between triangulation sensors (e.g. displacement, thickness, width, height, length, straightness, flatness), laser scan micrometer (e.g. diameter or gap) or laser light section sensors (whole surface profiles).

for dimensional measurement

LAP doesn't only offer components, but complete, turn-key systems, from development, design, production and construction to commissioning - hardware, software and service. Ready-made, modular or customized solutions using state of the art laser technology.