Multi-track thickness measurement systems 

Thick check system

5-track thickness measurement
5-track thickness measurement

LAP THICK CHECK systems have originally been used in steel applications, where environmental conditions require highest levels of robustness. During production process the measurement has to be performed with highest possible accuracy.

But that is not the only industry sector that requires high precision thickness measurements. Reliable quality control systems are also needed for wood, styrofoam, fibre cement board manufacturers and everyone who requires determined number of fixed measurement tracks on their products.

That is why LAP has developed a turn-key solution named THICK CHECK. It provides up to seven measurement tracks, capable of covering product widths of up to 3 m!

THICK CHECK will measure on almost any type of board, strip or sheet-like material. Every track consists of a sensor pair. Measured distance values of each above and below sensor are matched and transformed into thickness values. There are two alternative layouts available. If production environments at your customer‘s site require constant cleaning of the sensors, please choose THICK CHECK inclusive air purge.

THICK CHECK Configuration

Scope of delivery

  • Frame construction
  • ATLAS sensors (optional: POLARIS)
  • Desktop PC system
  • Switch cabinet
  • Software
  • Digital outbound signal for tolerance alerts


  • Air purge
  • Commissioning
  • Swivel arm unit
  • Additional measurement track
  • PC cabinet
  • POLARIS sensors


  • Measurement graph
  • Numerical display
  • Product preset configuration
  • Report function per piece, lot or over time
  • Binary tolerance alert
  • Cp and CpK calculation
  • Optional routing to second display, e.g. at production line
  • Optional width measurement with METIS