Linelasers are used in industry and crafts for alignment of workpieces or machines.

They are used instead of rulers, set-squares, limit stops or similar equipment. Most of the times lasers help at places you can't use mechanical guiding. Or at places where you need both hands for work.

Operating Voltage (internal)
Operation Voltage (by power supply)
Shape of beam
Laser color
Length, 90" plug included
Minimum protection class

XtrAlign HY Series

Green, tough and bright

LAP XtrAlign HY lasers can take a punch and give a hand - their bright green lines, points and crosshairs are visible even on wet, dark or multicoloured surfaces.

XtrAlign HD Series

Small, robust, stainless steel housing

LAP XtrAlign HD lasers don‘t resent being treated harshly or being pelted with any kind of chips. Line, cross and point lasers.

XtrAlign FD Series

Small, accurate, powerful

LAP XtrAlign FD lasers: water-proof, dust-proof, shock resistant and peak protected they are always in line with their tasks. Red line lasers only.

LD Series

Small, accurate, powerful

LAP LD line lasers are a perfect match for nearly every gap and like to change their working place. Line, cross and point lasers.

UD Series

Low mounting specialist

The LAP UD Laser best performs near your workpiece. At the side. Linelaser with special optics for low mounting position.


Bright and versatile

LAP ULTRALINE®–head and brains with patented optics. Linelaser for low mounting positions at the side of the projection area.