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We haven’t listed all industries, and we surely still don’t know all possible uses for our laser systems. None of the examples rings a bell for you? So ask us. Perhaps you are the first in your business, and you can gain a competitive edge! (Or your competitor did so, and you wonder why you lose ground). 

Give us a description of your production task. If there is a solution for optimizing your production with our systems, we will find it and offer it to you.

Customers (Extract)

AKA, Baltic Metalltechnik, BASF, Emco Bau- & Klimatechnik, Eternit, HP-Gasser, Hunter Douglas, Johan Husselmann, Kaiser, Lectra, MST-Huber, Novus Cesko, PPS Dietle, Proco, Ratheon, Simona, Technische Universität München, Thales Nederland, Thuasne, Trumpf, Xella Fermacell