LAP offers treatment room lasers that meet the demanding requirements of the modern radiation therapy cancer center. They display the position of the isocenter with very fine laserlines, so the patient may be positionned precisely, fast and reproducible.

Line quality, sturdiness, adjustment

LAP laser systems use high quality optics to get the finest laser lines possible, excellent material for longevity and sturdiness as well as mechanics with clockwork precision for easy but precise adjustment. For adjusting the laser lines in the room, you need 6 degrees of freedom - all LAP roomlasers offer that.

Laser colour

The colour of the laser beam may be selected from red, green or blue. APOLLO crosshair and sagittal lasers in red, green or blue convince you with the fine adjustability by RC. ASTOR lasers are adjusted manually, independent of an RC.



Production of laser systems LAP GEMINI is discontinued.

Alternative products / replacements: ASTOR, APOLLO

Declaration of Discontinuation / Design Change

LAP ASTOR (5V) room lasers

We as the manufacturer declare under our sole responsibility that global distribution of ASTOR (5V) room lasers (LAP item No. 0007566) will be stopped on March 31st, 2016 due to a major design change.

Supply of services for ASTOR (5V) devices will end on December 31th, 2020.

New ASTOR (24V) room lasers (LAP item No. 0012041) are available as replacement products. Distribution will start on January 1st, 2016.