The PLATE CHECK may measure the following properties of the material:

  • Width
  • Camber measurement
  • Edge Profile measurement
  • Length measurement

By measuring the plate contour behind the cooling bed, the subsequent processing steps of crop cutting, trimming, slitting, and cut-to-length are optimized. In addition to effective length and width of the plates, saber, necking, crop shape and side profile are taken into consideration to “best fit” the finished sizes into the plate, thereby achieving optimal yield. Crop cut optimization reduces scrap and increases yield and utilization.

For width measurement, laser distance sensors with special beam geometry are used to eliminate the influence of vertical plate movement on accuracy.

The plate side profile is assessed by scanning triangulation sensors. Head and tail shapes are measured by structured light imaging, projecting a laser line across the plate, using OPTARIS sensors to assess the outline measurement. 

This eliminates parallax errors that would otherwise result from vertical plate movements. Assessing the complete plate geometry allows to perfectly control the trimming cuts. A monitor in the control pulpit graphically displays all results.


  • Compact measuring system for complete contour detection with all necessary sensors
  • Full 3-dimensional measurement of plate geometry with all detailed information for crop optimization
  • Minimum space requirements in the line, simple installation
  • No measuring house necessary above the roller table
  • Multiple use of the measured data within the combined system 
  • Very simple and rugged protective housing system for sensors and instrumental components (air cooling only, no water supply necessary, insulated housings)
  • Integrated software package with integrated visualization
  • Integrated interface to host system