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COMPOSITE PRO laser projection systems are optimised for production of composite parts by manual layup. They are used in aerospace industry, vehicle production, wind energy, shipbuilding, racing sports...

  • For curved surfaces
  • High precision
  • Up to three colours


Do you need to measure dimensions like diameter, ovality, profile or straightness? Have a look at our solutions for welded and seamless tubes!


Inform you about state-of-the-art technology in patient alignment. 
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High precision laser triangulation sensor for different applications.

  • Non-contact
  • Independent of material
  • Fast


Configure and compare your line, cross or point laser. Choose between power, protection class, laser colour or other characteristics. 


  • Precise
  • High durability
  • State-of-the-art


Measure your wire rod, bars and profiles with different technologies like laser triangulation, light section, or laser scanning. 
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Uwe Bernhard Wache newly appointed CEO of LAP

Uwe Bernhard Wache has taken over the top management position at LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen, the company announced today.  „Mr. Uwe Bernhard Wache is an internationally experienced manager with over 20 years of expertise in consulting as well as managing mid-tier enterprises. 



RDMS profile measurement system from LAP checks tolerances in the production process

Using the RDMS profile measurement system from LAP, steel industry plants can measure the contours of glowing wires, bar steel and tubes in the production process completely automatically. Software warns in real-time about imminent tolerance infringements even before the product quality suffers. Users can specifically optimise the capability of the individual structures locally and avoid costly rework. The RDMS profile measurement system can also be integrated in existing lines where space is limited. It is currently the most compact measuring system on the market.


LAP moveable line lasers, now with Ethernet/IP interface

The advantages that the new generation of SERVOLASERS from LAP offers do not just extend to extreme robustness and optimum visibility. The latest version of the SERVOLASER tireXpert™ features an Ethernet/IP interface to make connecting to the PLC even more convenient. Tire manufacturers also benefit from the low Ethernet/IP error rate. All of this makes LAP unrivaled in the laser-assisted production of tires. more

Aerospace: Producing CFRP parts more than twice as fast using laser projectors

"Let's put an end to waste in our composite production!" says Petr Prucha, Development Manager at LA composite. LA composite s.r.o. from Prague in the Czech Republic has successfully achieved this ambitious goal using COMPOSITE PRO from LAP. LAP, manufacturers of high-precision laser projection systems, therefore now has a further customer in the aerospace industry. With the high-power projectors, LA composite saves in two ways at once: Scrap in production drastically reduced, and more than 50 percent labor time saving during the production of CFRP parts. Prucha: "We wanted a proven technology. LAP has fulfilled all our demands. The references in the aerospace and composite industry, for example at Airbus, convinced us." more

Contactless thickness measurement for sheet goods

Guaranteed quality during production is a crucial factor for modern sheet manufacturers. THICK CHECK from LAP offers wood, fibre cement sheet and gypsum plasterboard manufacturers a turnkey, reliable and accurate measurement solution. Thanks to its laser sensors, THICK CHECK can measure the thickness of sheet goods with an accuracy of just a few micrometres. Thickness measurements are carried out on multiple tracks and whilst production is running. more

This situation may be familiar to many users of radiation therapy equipment: red or green laser lines in CT rooms appear slightly out of focus due to their physical properties. In order to improve visibility, LAP has now integrated blue diodes in their new TAURUSblue system, resulting in optimised accuracy and visibility of the laser lines. This increases precision of patient marking to just millimeters. In addition LAP integrated the well known quality and safety features of their DORADO-series into the new TAURUSblue. more

With their new APOLLOblue room laser, LAP continues the success story of the APOLLO series. APOLLO by LAP is the most purchased room laser in the world. The new APOLLOblue opens a new era in patient positioning. Blue light is up to 10 times more visible than red laser light in a darkened environment. The illumination of CT or linear accelerator rooms usually is turned down in order to relax the patient. The human eye then switches from daytime vision to night vision, resulting in an up to 10 times higher sensitivity to blue. more