Multi-modular phantom in water-equivalent RW3 material for quality assurance in radiation therapy

Key Figures
plus testing options
plus testing options
positioning options
positioning options
chamber adapters suitable
chamber adapters suitable
extension modules
extension modules

For regular quality assurance in radiation therapy

EASY CUBE – multi-modular QA phantom


Straightforward handling

The cube phantom's universal application possibilities simplify quality assurance. No additional tools are required. The multicolored grid on the cube surface allows precise alignment at CT or LINAC.

Variable adaptation

Adapters for your ionization chambers are available for dose measurement. Inhomogeneous inserts, stereotactic localizer plates and other elements allow perfect adaptation to the specific QA task. 

Modular expansion

In addition to the basic body, three additional designs are available. Different regions of the body, such as head, neck, and torso, can thus be optimally simulated. The extensions are modular to ensure an efficient workflow.

Technical Data

Material Water-equivalent white polystyrene "RW3" for high-energy photon and electron radiation
Energy range Photons 60Co – 25 MV, Electrons 4 – 23 MeV
Material composition Polystyrene (C8H8) with admixture of 2.1 % ± 0.2 % TiO2
Mass density 1.045 g /cm3
(Z/A)r value 0.536
Electron density 3.386 × 1023 e/g
Electron concentration 3.39 × 1023 e/cm3


EASY CUBE 180 × 180 × 180 mm
Cylinder Module 320 mm diameter, 180 mm height
Head/Oval Module Head: 180 mm diameter, 180 mm height; Oval: 360 mm length, 180 mm width, 180 mm height
Body Module 360 mm length, 335 mm width, 180 mm height
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