Laser-based assembly guidance for control cabinet manufacture

Laser-based assistance systems from LAP project e-plans directly onto the mounting plate, making it a low-cost automation solution for the multi-variant production of control cabinets.

Our worker guidance systems increase efficiency in control cabinet assembly by up to 30 percent. Time-consuming manual mounting of parts and wiring becomes simple and quick. This allows for economical production even at small lot sizes.

Acceleration of switch cabinet construction with ASSEMBLY PRO

Your benefits

Time savings

Cut time by up to 30 percent with consistent use of a laser-based assembly assistance system throughout the entire control cabinet production process.

Reduced error rate

Step-by-step instructions guide the installers safely through all work steps. This reduces error rate while improving the quality of the production.

Fast ROI

The proportion of process costs for time-consuming assembly steps can be significantly reduced. As a result, a typical ASSEMBLY PRO system can start turning a profit after just 25 switch cabinets.


The e-plan relating to the production order can be displayed on the monitor. There is no need to work on paper, and media breaks are avoided. A digital document folder could reduce search time significantly.


The worker guidance system is intuitive. Even less-experienced workers can use the system after a very short training period. The class 2M laser device used in the system can be operated without any further protective measures.

Easy implementation

A laser-based assembly assistance system can be installed and used at reasonable cost with little effort. Original CAD files can be processed in any common CAD program in the DXF exchange format.

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