Laser projectors for circulating pallets

LAP laser projection systems project precise contours for positioning elements onto circulating pallets for precast concrete parts production.

Increase productivity of your carousel plant. Our laser projection systems significantly accelerate the manual placement of all elements on your production pallets and optimize production quality.

How can CONCRETE PRO support you?

Your benefits

Less workload

Using laser projection instead of color plotters for marking reduces maintenance costs. Time to clean the concrete parts can also be saved as contact-free laser projections do not leave color marks on the surface.

Reduced error rate

Clearly visible laser contours minimize errors during manual placement. This helps you to increase product quality and comply with production tolerances down to millimeter accuracy.

Time savings

Laser projection reduces set-up times by up to 50 percent. Shorter cycle times and optimized workflows lead to a sustainable increase in efficiency and output of your production.

Minimal training time

Only minimal training is needed to operate the projection system. The user interface of the software is intuitive and user friendly. Important functions can also be directly accessed by remote control.

Seamless integration

Our laser projection systems communicate with the master computer systems. This allows for smooth integration into the production process.

"Customers in the precast concrete parts industry enjoy clear time savings with support from our laser projection systems."

Matthias Lange, Product Manager at LAP

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