Patient positioning at MRT

Our MR-certified laser systems are required for patient positioning just as they are required for CT: to achieve a precise image fusion.

Simplify the exact fusion of CT and MRT images for your radiation planning with reproducible patient positioning. In “MR-only” workflows, use MR-certified lasers from LAP to save valuable time in the linear accelerator, and to prepare your patients for the fast and repeatable positioning early on during the imaging stage.

MRI in radiation therapy


Time-saving trough reproducibility

Accurate and time-saving treatment planning requires precise fusion of CT and MR images. Laser systems from LAP ensure reproducible patient positioning.


Components located in the MR room are exposed to the magnetic pull and can influence image quality. Our laser systems are the only ones certified for MR.

Safety trough stability

It is increasingly likely that the precisely adjusted laser will be jostled as a result of cleaning, collisions, or the hustle and bustle of everyday work. The robust aluminum housing reliably protects the mechanics and electronics from external impacts.

Safety trough precision

Fine, clearly visible laser lines and accurate traversing equipment are required for marking. LAP laser systems’ modern laser sources and unprecedented traversing accuracy offer the highest degree of precision.

Efficient workflows

Different regulations allow seamless adaptation to your individual workflows. Relative, absolute, or reference point marking can be implemented efficiently.

Proven reliability

The characteristic features of laser systems from LAP are sophisticated technology, quality and design for more than 30 years. Our moving laser systems for patient alignment are recommended by all leading MR scanner vendors.

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MR-only marking by means of DORADOnova MR3T

Our services

Room planning

With the same care with which we develop innovative products, we support you with our professional room planning service. We take your individual room situation into account in order to ensure the accuracy and safety of our moving laser systems at a much wider level.


We ensure that your laser system delivers the desired performance for many years. You receive software updates and information about technology and service. As an additional service, we offer cyclical inspection and maintenance of our systems.


Our worldwide service and partner network supports you anytime and anywhere with LAP authorized service engineers. Depending on the system, repairs will be carried out on-site or at LAP.

Portrait of Jens Gauthier, CEO and Head of Business Unit Healthcare at LAP

"Safety and precision are crucial in radiation therapy ­­– and time. Save time with our lasers thus spend more on treatment."

Jens Gauthier, Managing Director at LAP

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