Wir beraten speziell Stahlproduzenten, die sichergehen wollen, dass sie möglichst effizient und wirtschaftlich produzieren.
Picture from the production of a carbon fibre cockpit

Visualize your CAD files on any workpiece

Laser template projection for industry and small businesses.

Patient positioning and quality assurance in radiation therapy

LAP laser systems are used worldwide and lead the market in patient positioning. LAP phantoms assure quality during radiation therapy.

Laser measurement systems for the steel industry

LAP's laser-based non-contact measuring systems are the leading solution for non-contact quality assurance in rolling mills.

Laser projectors for production, working and processing of composites

LAP provides laser projection systems for true to scale alignment and positioning of objects during production and processing of parts made from composite materials.

Expand your horizons with webinars from LAP

Our experts will be sharing their knowledge with you on a broad range of topics in the areas of radiation therapy, laser measurement and laser projection.

LAP is one of the world's leading suppliers of systems that increase quality and efficiency through laser projection, laser measurement, and other processes. Every year, LAP supplies 15,000 units to customers in industries as diverse as radiation therapy, steel production, and composite processing. With 300 employees at 8 locations in Europe, America, and Asia, LAP generated a turnover in 2019 of €63 million.

We help you save time and improve quality

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partners worldwide
partners worldwide
million turnover in 2019
million turnover in 2019



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