Solutions for all workflows in patient marking and virtual simulation.


COMPOSITE PRO laser projection systems are optimised for production of composite parts by manual layup. They are used in aerospace industry, vehicle production, wind energy, shipbuilding, racing sports...

  • For curved surfaces
  • High precision
  • Up to three colours


DTEC-PRO provide calibration assistance
for laser projectors by IR flash and camera.
Manual teaching of target positions
after moving the tool is no longer necessary.



  • For flexible positioning of tools
  • If tools are moved during production process
  • To save time by automated re-calibration


Do you need to measure dimensions like diameter, ovality, profile or straightness? Have a look at our solutions for welded and seamless tubes!


Inform you about state-of-the-art technology in patient alignment. 
Configure your laser system for your treatment room!


Configure and compare your line, cross or point laser. Choose between power, protection class, laser colour or other characteristics. 

  • Precise
  • High durability
  • State-of-the-art


Measure your wire rod, bars and profiles with different technologies like laser triangulation, light section, or laser scanning. 
Ask us for the best solution for your task!

LAP announces the acquisition of LifeLine Software Inc.

LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen acquires LifeLine Software Inc. and expands its offering for the global radiotherapy market with the flagship product RadCalc®

“As world market leader for radiotherapy laser systems, our aim is to provide future oriented solutions and services for our customers in radiotherapy worldwide. LifeLine is a significant component of growth in our core market of radiotherapy,” says Uwe Bernhard Wache, CEO of LAP. 

Read more about the acquisition of LifeLine

LAP Attends the First “ESTRO meets Asia” in Singapore

The European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) recently held its first-ever conference in Asia – Singapore to be exact – along with an industry exhibition. The conference theme, "ESTRO meets Asia", was an opportunity for international and interdisciplinary networking and discussion. The LAP team, which has had a local presence in APAC for 15 years, showcased both its world-beating laser systems and its radiation therapy quality assurance products.

More about our first presentation at ESTRO Asia

LAP presents the THALES 3D MR SCANNER at the world’s largest radiotherapy conference

LAP booth at ASTRO
LAP booth at ASTRO

How can the MR Linac be successfully commissioned? LAP has the answer to the latest technology in image-guided radiotherapy: the THALES 3D MR SCANNER for commissioning and quality assurance of the ViewRay MRIdian MR Linac.

More about our presentation at ASTRO

New DTEC-PRO camera system: Easy retrofit to LAP CAD-PRO laser projection systems

DTEC-PRO camera system

LAP has begun the worldwide rollout of the DTEC-PRO. The camera system is the ideal addition to new LAP CAD-PRO laser projection systems as well as existing systems as a retrofit. It is compatible with all versions of the PRO-SOFT 5.1 control software.

More about the release of the camera system

DTEC-PRO camera system

Successful exhibition of new laser-based worker guidance system at MOTEK

ASSEMBLY PRO worker guidance system for control cabinet construction

LAP successfully presented the ASSEMBLY PRO laser assistance system for the first time at MOTEK (8-11 October 2018, Stuttgart; Germany), showcasing two practice scenarios: control cabinet assembly and a pick-by-laser application for multi-variant production processes. Numerous trade visitors came to see how digitization in Industry 4.0 can be put into practice in an economical way.

More about laser-based assistance

Laser-based assistance used to equip a switchboard module

New control software “SEQUENCE Xpert” enables laser positioning with a click

Control software SEQUENCE Xpert

Up to now, “SERVOLASER Xpert” by LAP has been used as a laser positioning system integrated directly into machines. It is now possible to apply it in areas where no PLC is available. The Windows-optimized software “SEQUENCE Xpert” enables intuitive and user-friendly control of SERVOLASER Xpert from your PC, laptop or tablet. This means that it can be used anywhere where precisely movable line lasers are required for quality assurance.

Read more about it

Control software SEQUENCE Xpert

Robot colleagues communicate their destination via laser projection

laser projection systems provide visual support in human-robot cooperation

How can humans and machines interact as colleagues in Industry 4.0? The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) will demonstrate how a laser projection system provided by LAP can be used to foster intelligent interaction at this year’s CEBIT, June 12-15 in Hanover, Germany ...

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LAP adds rebar function to optical contour measurement and 3D surface inspection

CONTOUR CHECK SHAPE measurement system

LAP has added a new function to its contour measuring system CONTOUR CHECK SHAPE. The new “Rebar” function performs measurements of the complete contours of reinforcing bars during hot rolling. It identifies individual rolling defects which the systems routinely used up to now were unable to differentiate from one another. It thus provides specific recommendations for action ...

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CONTOUR CHECK SHAPE measurement system

Successful launch at Europe’s most important radiation therapy congress

LAP Presentation at ESTRO in Barcelona
LAP Presentation at ESTRO in Barcelona

Laser system for advanced patient marking and QA phantom for End-to-End test

April 2018: LAP presented two new products at the 37th annual meeting of the European Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) in Barcelona. Worldwide the first time the advanced laser system DORADOnova 5 for patient marking was demonstrated to the expert audience. The further development of the successful DORADO 4 system, which was first time launched 20 years ago, consists of five rails with movable red, green or blue laser diodes. 

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LAP nominated for the Niedersachsen Foreign Trade Award 2018

LAP receives award for foreign trade

LAP was nominated for the Niedersachsen Foreign Trade Award 2018. This makes LAP one of five SMEs to have been honored by Niedersachsen’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr Bernds Althusmann, during the Hannover Messe ...

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Awards ceremony

LAP receives assembly 4.0 innovation award

LAP receives award for assembly innovation

At the conference for assembly technologies ‘10. Montage-Tagung’, the ‘InSysPro’ collaborative project by ZeMA and LAP was honored with the assembly innovation award ‘Innovationspreis Montage 4.0’. The goal of the project was to assess user-friendly operating concepts, such as smart watch, voice control or gesture control for laser projection systems in assembly processes ...

Read more about it

Awards ceremony

Concrete Precast Part Production: Higher productivity and component quality

picture of precast concrete final check

Precast concrete parts factories must produce large quantities of the same quality in an ever-shorter time. Manufacturing tolerances in the production of wall elements, ceilings or double walls must be precisely adhered to. Even in highly automated manufacturing, parts are still placed manually on pallets. In order to meet the demand for high component quality and cycle times ...

Read more about laser-based production of concrete precast parts

Final check of all parts concerning
presence, position and orientation

LAP at JEC World: Laser projection for composite manufacturing 4.0

In terms of Industry 4.0, laser projection systems can effectively support flexible and versatile composite manufacturing concepts. At JEC World 2018 (booth 5/R58), LAP will demonstrate the interaction of the camera system DTEC-PRO with the CAD-PRO laser projectors and the control software PRO-SOFT in a manufacturing cell of a Smart Factory. 

Read more about camera supported projection


Manufacturing cell with CAD-PRO
laser projectors and DTEC-PRO
camera system.

Intralogistics: Laser-based control of fork positioning for STILL reach trucks

Picture of LAP XtrAlign HY laser on STILL forklift

The Hamburg intralogistics specialist STILL has implemented for the first time the XtrAlign line laser HY from LAP for the reach truck FM-X 20 HD. The laser allows for positioning the forks at the exact height. This enables drivers to pick-up pallets at a height of up to 13 meters ...

More about laser-based control of fork positioning in high-bay warehouses

Line laser XtrAlign HY from LAP
at the STILL FM-X 20 HD reach truck

Aviation: Composite manufacturing with laser projection at COTESA

Picture of composite layup guided by laser projection

COTESA, a leading manufacturer of high-quality composite fiber components for the aviation industry, uses LAP CAD-PRO laser projectors to accelerate lay-up processes during composite production of GFRP fuselage components. Thanks to the laser positioning system, manual measuring, physical templates and layer schemes are now a thing of the past. 

Read the full application report

COTESA uses digital laser technology
from LAP for composite production.

LAP announces the next major step in Radiation Therapy

with its development for a 3D MR-compatible water phantom solution

LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen, a global market leader in external laser systems for patient alignment in Radiation Therapy, has announced the next major step into the field of Quality Assurance.  The development of a 3D MR-compatible water phantom for commissioning and quality assurance will support the increased adoption for MR-guided Radiation Therapy.


Camera reduces calibration time

picture of DTEC-PRO IR flash and camera illuminationg 4four targets

With DTEC-PRO, LAP introduces a camera system which makes manual calibration during the running production process redundant. This accelerates lay-up processes in the manufacturing of composites. Especially flexible manufacturing such as in the aerospace industry can benefit from this time saving. The modular system design of the LAP DTEC-PRO allows it to be added to any LAP CAD-PRO laser projection system.

Read more about calibration acceleration!

DTEC-PRO illuminates the working area
with invisible IR flashes and detects
the position of targets for automated calibration

LAP to present new laser measurement system for wires

laser diameter gauge
picture of laser diameter gauge CONTOUR CHECK WIRE

At the Wire Southeast Asia 2017 (19-21 September, Bangkok, Thailand), LAP, German manufacturer of laser systems for measurement and projection, will showcase for the first time the CONTOUR CHECK WIRE for long products. The newly developed CC WIRE expands LAP’s CONTOUR CHECK product family with a 1-3 axes diameter measurement system which will measure cold, warm or hot round profiles ...

Read more about the new laser diameter gauge!

Rapid ROI with in-line laser gauging in rolling mills

Locations for dimensional measurement of long products
graphic of rolling mill processes and laser gauging

In-line laser gauging has significant potential for rolling mills. The versatility of laser measurement systems based on light sectioning and laser triangulation supports process optimization and product quality improvements, enabling rapid returns on investment. Laser thickness gauging can also replace dangerous radiation sensors in a cost-efficient way ...


Exploit the benefits of laser gauging in metals rolling applications


Linelasers are used in industry and crafts for alignment of workpieces or machines. They are used instead of rulers, set-squares, limit stops or similar equipment.

LAP has restructured their line laser portfolio and bundles the line lasers for harsh industrial environments in the XtrAlign family. The new family name and the sharpened profile follow a clear core message: ‘Precise, robust, and reliable’. LAP is also bringing some new features to the refined portfolio ...

more about XtrAlign lasers


Dr. Steffen Lissner presents the new laser systems for MR in RT
Dr. Steffen Lissner presented new laser systems for MR in RT

At ESTRO 36 in Vienna LAP showcased the next generation of DORADOnova MR3T laser system including CARINAnav laser control for patient alignment at MRI with the same laser arrangement as DORADOnova for CT. Furthermore the new APOLLO MR3T bridge with fixed cross-hair lasers as an alternative choice for MR in RT was presented to the public for the first time.


LAP presents smallest and most lightweight laser projector

CAD-PRO compact
Picture of laser template projector LAP CAD-PRO COMPACT for industrial use

LAP will showcase the new laser projector CAD-PRO COMPACT for the first time at JEC World 2017 (March 14-16, Paris, Hall 5A/booth R47). CAD-PRO COMPACT is the smallest available solution that can easily be integrated in every workspace. Little weight, swivel mount and one cable connection make placement a breeze. LAP's solution offering is rounded off by the new projection software PRO-SOFT 5. Very user-friendly functions and innovative features accelerate and simplify manual composite lay-up in the aerospace, wind energy or automotive industries.

more about CAD-PRO COMPACT laser projector

Projector with green laser diode increases production reliability

LAP expands its highly successful product family of CAD-PRO laser projectors to include new models with a green laser diode: The CAD-PRO LD green has a laser source with up to 30,000 hours of operating time - three times the service life of conventional DPSS laser modules. In addition, the unit features optimal visibility of the projected laser lines especially on dark surfaces. Developed and tested by LAP, the CAD-PRO LD green is without peer in the field of industry-level laser projection.  more

Successful donation campaign at DEGRO 2017 in Berlin

Successful donation campaign at DEGRO 2017 in Berlin

According to our slogan “Precision for Treatment Success” our this year’s booth motto was “Precision Challenge @ Degro 2017”. On the indoor putting green at our booth we invited participants of the DEGRO to hole the ball at a distance of two and a half meters. On success, we promised to donate five Euros to the German Children's Cancer Foundation. The interest was, of course, huge and so the visitors managed to "sink" the golf ball 265 times.


New technical article available: Optical measuring systems for plate mills

3D view of PLATE CHECK for complete geometry measurement in rolling mill

Advances in camera technology have enabled a significant enhancement of dimensional measurements in plate mills. On this basis, LAP has developed its new series of PLATE CHECK systems for laser-optical measurements in plate mills. PLATE CHECK measures all relevant dimensions of the rolling stock before it enters the rolling mill, after the rolling mill and all the way down to final inspection, significantly improving the efficiency of high-grade plate production.

Read the full technical article about laser-optical measurements in plate mills

Efficient production with laser-guided assembly

CAD-PRO laser projectors from LAP project outlines in three colors onto work surfaces.
image of laser projector

Laser-based assembly assistance systems in the ‘Industrie 4.0’ enable companies to increase efficiency of manual production even with smallest lot sizes and a high number of variants. The practical usage of digital laser technology will be shown in the ‘Mit uns digital!’ roadshow bus at the Hanover Fair. The CAD-PRO laser projection system from LAP is part of this live experience! In the ‘mobile factory’, visitors will learn up close how workers are optimally supported by laser-guided assembly instructions during production.

more about laser-guided assembly

Laser-based worker assistance for the Industrie 4.0

ZEMA "Pick-by-Laser" work places
image of workshop using laser projectors for worker assistance

Digital assistance systems can make an important contribution to providing support for 'Industrie 4.0' production staff. With LAP as an innovation partner, engineers from the Center for Mechatronics and Automation Technology [Zentrum für Mechatronik und Automatisierungstechnik - ZeMA] in Saarbrücken are developing application scenarios in which the laser specialist's laser projection systems provide workers with smart support when performing assembly activities and facilitate working processes.

more about laser projection for worker assistance



After successful German Design Award nomination our laser system DORADOnova has been honored with the Special Mention prize for outstanding design by the international jury of The German Design Council. Especially the product design solutions have been appreciated by the jury. 


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