Smart laser control for movable laser systems from LAP

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Portable, intuitive, smart – CARINAnav



The user interface design is clear and intuitive. Operation is quick and easy, thanks to its clear navigation structure and controls.

Cyber secured

CARINAnav has multiple defenses against cybercrime: SSL-encrypted data import, digital signature, protected login, and secure interfaces ensure the highest level of security for your data.

Fits your workflow

You have different options to transmit coordinates via CARINAnav to the laser system: import of patient coordinates via data interfaces, laser positioning via touch control or by manual coordinate input.


Use the control system exactly where you need it: Thanks to the tablet solution, you are always mobile. This shortens distances and enables a better patient interaction.


Whether LAP file format, DICOM Isocenter Import, or SIEMENS syngo.via RT Image Suite, CARINAnav is flexible for data import and adapts to your individual workflow.


Thanks to the DICOM standard, CARINAnav is compatible with all well-known manufacturers of CT and MRI Imaging Devices, Treatment Planning Systems and virtual simulation software.


CARINAnav (E) Tablet PC with a 10.1" touchscreen and a handle for better handling. Communication with the laser system is via Bluetooth® and the coordinates of the treatment planning can be transferred via clinical LAN in the docking station.

CARINAnav (B) Tablet PC with an 8.4" screen. Communication with the laser system via Bluetooth and the coordinates of the treatment planning can be transferred via clinical LAN in the docking station.

Desktop PC with an 19" screen, keyboard and mouse. Communication with the laser system via USB and the coordinates of the treatment planning can be transferred via clinical LAN.

Direct Laser Steering with the syngo. via RT Image Suite


Is the software pre-installed on the tablet/desktop PC?

Yes, the software will be installed during production and is ready to use after installation.

How is the connection to the Treatment Planning System provided?

The tablet PC (with docking station) or the desktop PC is connected to the clinical LAN. The tablet PC can also be connected via wifi. The devices can communicate with each other via (static) IP addresses.  

Do I get training on how to use the software?

Yes, every customer get's a training for the clinical admin and the clinical users. Software operation and all procedures for the various workflows will be explained and all questions answered.

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