Laser systems with movable and fixed lasers for patient positioning at CT/PET-CT

Key figures
mm positioning accuracy
mm positioning accuracy
mm line width
mm line width
laser colors
laser colors
mm travel range
mm travel range
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Optimize your workflow with DORADOnova 5

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Double safe

Before the lasers will be switched on the positioning of the laser modules are double-checked by use of two technically independent procedures.

Optimally visible

In line with your room design or lighting conditions, you can choose your lasers in red, blue, or green. The laser diodes have an operating life of over 30,000 hours.

Easy to calibrate

The lasers are calibrated in six degrees of freedom (inclination, tilt, rotation) via remote control. Focusing also uses the remote control.

Consistently precise

For consistent laser line precision over the entire 700 mm travel range, the mechanical components are manufactured to be virtually tolerance free and coordinate perfectly with one another.

Flexibly configurable

Depending on your workflow, you can choose whether the coronal and reversal laser lines should also be traversed in addition to the sagittal. 

Comfortably moveable

You can control the mobile lasers either on-the-move via the tablet PC, or via the desktop PC in the control room.

Configurations DORADOnova

DORADOnova 1 Laser System for Patient Marking

DORADOnova 1

For precise patient alignment and easy marking, you can move the sagittal laser line. The transversal and coronal body planes are projected via fixed laser lines.

DORADOnova 3 Laser System for Patient Marking

DORADOnova 3

The two movable sagittal and coronal lines allow our laser system to offer increased flexibility for marking and virtual simulation. The transversal body plane is projected via fixed lasers.

DORADOnova 5 Laser System for Patient Marking

DORADOnova 5

Our most versatile system offers the greatest degree of flexibility for marking and virtual simulation with five movable lasers, and eliminates the time-consuming and imprecise procedures carried out on the couch. 

Technical data

Dimensions Depending on mounting version; please consult out data sheets
Laser color (typical wave length) red (638 nm), green (520 nm), blue (450 nm)
Laser class 2
Laser adjustment by remote control
Line width up to 4 m distance < 0.5 mm (blue), < 1 mm (red, green)
Line length at 3 m distance > 3 m
Positioning accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
Projection precision +/- 0.5 mm at a projection distance of 4 m
Travel range 700 mm
Travel speed up to 200 mm/s
Power supply 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Scope of delivery Laser system, CARINAnav laser control, remote control, Wilke phantom, cable set

State-of-the-art laser systems for optimal patient marking at CT/PET-CT

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