Manufacturing of composite parts using laser projection

Laser outlines are used to replace conventional templates and manual measuring instructions. Laser projection systems display shapes for true to scale alignment and positioning of composite cutouts, components and other objects during manual layup.

LAP laser projection systems enable you to produce faster, cleaner and more flexible than with other procedures. Accelerate your processes and improve the quality of your products. Use your CAD data to project outlines directly onto your workpiece instead of manufacturing conventional templates.

COMPOSITE PRO, the digital laser template for composite materials

Your benefits


During manual layup your personnel is wearing gloves to prevent dirt between layers that may cause air pockets and reduce the stability of the final product. Laser lines have no contact with the sensitive surface and they leave neither marks nor residue. Our projectors are also used in clean rooms.


Laser projection systems replace the complete workflow around physical templates and measuring specifications: no production, no storage, no transport, no change management. If shape or position of cutouts change, you only need to update the related projection file.


Laser projectors can be used single or in groups. Large areas can be covered by several projectors and be managed as one or several work groups. For curved surfaces the projectors can be placed opposite to each other, as well for concave as for convex shapes.


LAP laser systems are the only ones on the market supporting real multitasking. Several teams may work independently on large projection areas. You may work on several changing tools in one defined projection area separately.


Our DTEC-PRO camera system further reduces the time for calibration on recognized tools: rather than you manually capturing the reflecting targets, an IR flash illuminates the reflectors and the camera provides the positions for the projector. Instead of several minutes of manual calibration the camera-projector combination deals with it in some seconds.


LAP laser projection systems are - among others - used by all leading corporations in aerospace industry and wind turbine blade production worldwide. For more than 15 years we closely cooperate with our customers to provide optimal support for their production processes.

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COMPOSITE PRO application examples

Typical use of laser projection for manual composite layup.

Our services


We advise you from ideation phase through the system design to the optimization of the ongoing operation. We will accommodate the regulations and standards for your business, your special requirements, and the economic conditions.

Project management

We cooperate with you to create a project plan and we synchronize our actions to suit your time frame. We provide the engineering, production, installation, and commissioning all on schedule.


Before installation, we always test your system at our site. We coordinate the installation date with you to minimize or completely avoid downtimes. Integration into your production environment is then completed quickly and easily.


We start up your new measuring or projection system in the real production environment. In doing so, we handle the  fine-tuning and carry out all tests necessary for acceptance.


We ensure that your system delivers the desired performance for years to come. You receive software updates and information about technology and service, and in addition to that, we offer cyclical inspection and maintenance of our systems.


Our worldwide service and partner network supports you anytime, anywhere. Troubleshooting is supported by remote access or local evaluation. Depending on the system, repairs will be carried out on-site or at LAP.

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