Measuring system for profile measurement and surface inspection of long products, using laser-light sectioning

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profile capturing
profile capturing
max. measuring range
max. measuring range

Cutting-edge laser measurement for optimized quality control in rolling mills

Features of the 4D EAGLE S

Profile measurement

The 4DEAGLE S offers maximum resolution, a 3D view of bars, and the highest measurement frequency for detecting the smallest defects.

Surface defects detection

The AI technology of machine learning can detect single and periodic surface defects and provides data-based recommendations for optimization.

Surface inspection

The powerful and user-friendly software enables precise visualization and efficient analysis of surface defects.

Frequently asked questions

What is 4D EAGLE S?

4D EAGLE S integrates surface inspection with profile measurement for long steel products in a single, advanced system, enhancing production quality control in the steel industry. 4D EAGLE S comprises a well-engineered measuring gauge and the AI-powered SMART CORE X measurement software.

Why develop 4D EAGLE S?

Previously, combining surface inspection with profile measurement in one location on the rolling line was not possible. 4D EAGLE S fills this gap, enabling continuous quality monitoring and rolling process optimizations upon defect detection. LAP and KOCKS, leaders in their fields, collaborated to develop 4D EAGLE S, merging their long-term expertise to provide this cutting-edge solution to global steel manufacturers.

What are the key features of 4D EAGLE S?

4D EAGLE S precisely captures various profiles' contours and automatically classifies surface defects during production, offering unprecedented quality insights.

How does 4D EAGLE S measure contours?

Using laser light section technology, 4D EAGLE S accurately captures the rolled material's shape, ensuring continuous shape monitoring during production.

What defects can 4D EAGLE S detect and classify?

The system identifies and categorizes both singular and periodic surface defects, facilitating comprehensive surface quality control. Defect classification enables targeted troubleshooting and rolling parameter adjustments, which are essential for precise quality control in steel rolling processes.

How does 4D EAGLE S enhance quality control?

4D EAGLE S elevates production quality control by providing detailed, real-time data on product surfaces and profiles, supporting informed quality optimization decisions

What are the advantages of precise contour measurement?

Reducing offline sample needs and improving trimming accuracy, 4D EAGLE S cuts quality assurance costs and minimizes scrap, optimizing material use.

How does the system support process reliability?

Accurate trimming using 4D EAGLE S data ensures products remain within tolerance ranges post-change, which is vital for consistent quality and process reliability.

How can the collected data be integrated into networked production?

4D EAGLE S supports smart factory goals with an OPC UA interface, allowing for quality data integration across production processes and improving efficiency.

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