Laser projectors for prefabricated house production

Laser projection systems from LAP project the most complex contours with high precision. This makes them a worldwide-proven solution for aligning and positioning in the production of prefabricated wooden houses.

With our laser projection systems, you can consistently turn out top-quality prefabricated wood elements from the floor to the roof. Shorten manufacturing cycles from the CAD data to the turnkey house and increase the process efficiency of your production.
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Case study: ARCABO, Netherlands

Application of laser projection for the production of wooden houses

Precisely positioned with WOOD PRO - our solution for prefab houses

Your benefits

Minimized workload

Visible laser projections replace measuring tapes and manual marking. These steps are completely eliminated as CAD data is projected directly onto the work surface. As a result, your workload declines considerably.

Reduced error rate

Precise laser projections ensure that all elements are accurately positioned. Error rate is therby reduced to zero. This prevents rejects and rework and improves the quality of your products.

Time savings

Projection data is displayed within seconds. Thanks to the multitasking function, work steps can even be carried out in parallel. This speeds up work processes and minimizes set-up times.

Easy operation

Our laser projection systems are intuitive and user friendly. Even untrained workers learn to operate the system safely within a very short time frame and they are instantly productive.

Increased productivity

The production cycle from design to the finished house is measurably shortened. This results in optimized workforce planning, a higher throughput, and an increase in productivity.

Fast ROI

Higher production speeds boost the overall process efficiency. The investment in our laser projection systems pays itself off after only a few months.

"Time and quality are the deciding factors in the prefabricated-house industry. Our laser projection systems help reduce the error rate to nearly none."

Matthias Lange, Product Manager at LAP

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