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LAP is one of the world's leading suppliers of systems that increase quality and efficiency through laser projection, laser measurement, and other processes. Every year, LAP supplies 15,000 units to customers in industries as diverse as radiation therapy, steel production, and composite processing. With 300 employees at 7 locations in Europe, America, and Asia, LAP generated a turnover in 2023 of €65.9 million.
Investing in the future

Investing in the future

Today's investments lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s success. In recent years, LAP has invested tens of millions of dollars in new products and infrastructure. In terms of revenue, this is well above the industry average and signals our determination to grow. 

Employee development

Employee development

LAP's greatest strength is its employees. Through their identification with the company, team spirit, and commitment to our customers, they ensure that quality, stability, and German engineering are not merely words, but reality. For this reason, individual professional development has a high priority and is supported with €1,000 per employee, per year. 

Manufacturing excellence

Manufacturing excellence

We manufacture at our headquarters in Lüneburg, Germany, on an area of over 6,600 m². Integrated quality assurance and quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 ensure the highest manufacturing quality. 

Portfolio in a nutshell

Patient positioning in radiation therapy

Patient positioning in radiation therapy

Our laser systems project laser lines onto the patient's skin in radiation therapy. The laser lines help the medical staff to correctly position the patient at the CT, MRI, or radiotherapy machine.

The lines themselves have no effect on the patient; rather, they quickly and efficiently ensure that the patient is correctly positioned and that the tumor can be precisely irradiated.

Quality assurance in radiotherapy

Quality assurance in radiotherapy

Our measuring instruments are used in radiation therapy to control the technical characteristics of CT, MRI, and radiotherapy machines.

Their physical properties are similar to those of human tissue and allow precise measurement of values such as the radiation dose, distribution, or position.

Our measuring instruments enable the user to quickly and efficiently carry out prescribed and voluntary quality assurance measures.

Laser projection for industry

Laser projection for industry

Our laser systems project lines and complex contours onto flat or three-dimensional surfaces, and make digital data clearly visible.

The laser projection shows the user the exact position of the next step in the process and assures quality control.

These systems render manual measuring or the use of templates unnecessary while saving time and improving quality.

Laser measurement in the steel industry

Laser measurement in the steel industry

During the rolling process, our laser systems measure the contour, thickness, and straightness of steel products, including wire, tube, bar, profile, and strip steel.

Integration in the rolling mill allows them to measure the correct dimensions during operation and provide recommendations for optimum adjustment of the rolling stands.

This enables real-time quality control and ensures production reliability. The user can react immediately to deviations and thus achieve time and material savings.

Goal and strategy

Our goal is to become and remain the global market leader in the markets that are strategically important to us. This is why we consistently strive for service leadership. Our strategy is based on three cornerstones:

Customer orientation

Listening to and understanding our customers over the years has led us to a deep comprehension of their respective processes and business conditions. We develop our products in close cooperation with our customers and design them to meet the specific requirements of the industry.

We accompany our customers from the consulting phase through commissioning to after-sales services. A long product lifespan and availability ensure long-term customer satisfaction. 

Employee motivation

Only those who work passionately on a task can achieve outstanding results in the long term. In addition to our employees’ individual professional development, we also focus on success as a group.

Our employee participation program offers the opportunity to participate financially in LAP's success. Nearly 70% of our employees have 'invested' in LAP and thus expressed their confidence in the company. 

International diversity

40% of our customers come from Europe, 40% from America and 20% from Asia. With all the necessary certifications and efficient logistics, we can deliver quickly and easily to our target countries worldwide.

Thanks to our locations and our partner network, we are closer to our customers than ever: we speak their language, know local requirements, and are quickly on site when service is required. Working in accordance with our compliance rules is a given. 


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LAP receives Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award 2019

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LifeLine offers sophisticated software for quality assurance in radiation therapy for faster, easier, and independent verification of dose calculations. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, LifeLine supports future-oriented growth in LAP's core business of radiation therapy. LifeLine Software Inc. has been part of LAP since 2019. 


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