Software for the projection of outlines and templates using CAD-PRO laser projectors

PRO-SOFT laser projection software

Features of PRO-SOFT laser projection software

Flexible data import

PRO-SOFT supports all common data formats used in the mentioned industries, as lpd, ply, dxf, IGES or others. We also provide import modules for STEP and Catia.

Embedded help

Context sensitive help offers short explanation and link to the requested topic in the manual.

Barcode integration

You may use a barcode reader to easily fill input fields of the software. Possible content may be user-ID, order number or the ID of the object to be displayed.

Operation by projected laser menu

Some important functions that up to now couldn‘t be addressed by remote control can now be handled directly on the workpiece surface using a projected laser menu. No need to walk to the PC.

Load balancing

Projection data is not distributed by position of the projectors, but by load. Projection areas have to overlap for optimal performance.

Switching between metric and imperial

PRO-SOFT 5 can operate in metric or imperial units. You may switch the unit selection in a running system, no restart required.

Variants of PRO-SOFT laser projection software

Context sensitive help + + + +
User management + + + +
Switching metric/imperial + + + +
Editor for display of text and icons + + + +
Brighter display of selected projection areas + + + +
Load balancing + + + +
Barcode readers supported + + + +
Logfiles and reports + + + +
Operation by projected laser menu + + + +
Display of object name + + + +
Manual change of z-coordinate + +  
Manual change of y-coordinate +  
Compatible to Unitechnik format +  
Automatic load of updated files + +
Automated check of target positions + +
View from 6 angles and isometric + +
Client-Server architecture +
Multitasking +
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