Laser projectors for production of glulam elements

Support the fabrication of customized glulam elements for engineered timber constructions by using laser projection systems.

Decrease the setup time for the manufacturing of glulam elements from laminates. Prevent errors when machining raw elements. Mark the outlines of shapes to be trimmed on all sizes of glulam timber panels and structural members with sub-millimeter precision.

WOOD PRO GLULAM - our solution for timber glulam production

Your benefits

Reduced setup time

Visible laser outlines replace measuring tapes and physical templates. See the contours from the CAD data projected directly onto the work surface.

Faster work steps

No delay. As you don't have to measure or mark, you can start with the appearance of the laser lines. At large installations, workers can start at several places simultaneously.

Minimized error rate

Outlines and working points are displayed visually. Follow the laser, and there are no errors. Which means no costly rejects and constant quality.

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