Laser projectors for rotor blade manufacturing

Laser projection systems from LAP project precise laser lines for the positioning of glass fiber plies and molded parts in the manufacture of wind turbine blades.

Our laser projection systems support the production of light and efficient rotor blades. Increase productivity by manufacturing in high quality and accuracy, and with less cost.

COMPOSITE PRO - acceleration for your production processes in rotor blade manufacturing

Your benefits

Higher precision

Precision in a millimeter range combined with the repeatability of the laser projection ensure that all parts are placed exactly where they should be. This results in high-quality products.

Higher process reliability

Our robust laser projectors feature laser diodes with more than 30,000 operating hours. This means high investment security for you and high reliability of your processes.

Time and cost savings

Save time and reduce process costs. Laser projection systems replace mechanical templates for measuring and positioning. Production, storage, administration, and cumbersome use become things of the past.

Secure workflows

Our operating software effectively manages all projection steps. The user-friendly interface, remote control, a projected laser menu, and multicolored projections make operation easy and intuitive even for untrained workers.

Process accelaration

The multitasking feature of our PRO-SOFT software allows teams to work completely independently of each other. This accelerates manufacture especially of large components and increases the throughput.


The overall system is scalable depending on the rotor blade length. We configure the system to your individual requirements. You gain maximum flexibility and optimum adaptation for your production processes.

Fast data import

For fast data import without conversion, the software supports a variety of CAD data formats, including IGES, DXF, HPGL, LPD, and PLY, in addition to the direct use of the projection data from leading CAD programs.

"With our tried-and-tested products and years of market experience, we offer premium support that meets our customers’ highest demands for quality."

Matthias Lange, Product Manager at LAP

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