Linelasers for alignment of logs in lumber mills

Laser line projectors help positioning logs and boards in front of circular saws, band saws, gang saws, swing-blade saws and edgers. Project one, two or several laser lines to preview the cut.

Display the cutting lines will help you to get the maximum out of valuable wood types. Rotate the log or change the angle until you find the perfect center line or offset to start plain sawing, quartersawing or rift sawing of valuable wood species. Prevent errors and squeeze out even the last bit of usable timber.

Perfect feeding of logs to your saws

Your benefits

Increased precision

What you see is what you get. The laser line shows exactly where the saw will cut. Accurate to ± 0.05 mm per meter line length.

Faster feeding

With the visual aid of a line laser you can feed your logs to your saw faster - accelerated alignment, less hesitation.

Decision support

Does it fit or not? Will there be a rest of bark? Six planks or seven? Use the laser line to assist you and feel safer with your decisions.

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