Laser projection systems for outlines and templates based on CAD data

Laser projectors with green, red or multicolor projection, control software and camera/flash support

Laser projectors for true to scale positioning

Key figures
systems in use
systems in use
projectors for aerospace industry
projectors for aerospace industry
projectors for wind power
projectors for wind power
projectors for wood industry
projectors for wood industry

Laser projection system video

Laser projection system components

picture of LAP CAD-PRO laser projector

Laser projectors

Laser projectors are the hardware that projects the laser outlines. They can be placed at different distances to the workpiece and you can focus them accordingly.

screenshot of LAP PRO-SOFT projection control software

Projection software

Standard projection software for different szenarios. Furthermore, you can use an API, several CAD extensions and solutions customized for certain applications.

picture of DTEC-PRO

IR-flash and camera

System consisting of an IR ring flash and a camera. In combination with the projector it recognizes reflecting targets and supports automatic calibration.

picture of laser projection accessories

Equipment and accessories

To build a projection system you need a PC to run the software, power supply and data connections, mounting equipment and reflector targets. LAP provides components or turn-key solutions.

Features of laser projection systems


Load the projection file and start working.


No dust, grease or other residues are transferred to your workpiece.


Doesn't causes scratches, wear or tear on your surface.


No storage or administration of tools or aids needed.


Changes only require updates to the projection files.


The first manual job is to place an object within the displayed outlines.

Q&A concerning laser projection systems

Which factors affect the projected template ?

How does ambient light influence the visibility ?

How do material and surface structure affect visibility ?

What laser color has the best visibility ?

How large is the maximum projection area ?

What area can be covered by one single laser projector ?

Mounting height (perpendicular) Square projection area
1.5 m (min) 2.55×2.55 m² ≈ 6.5 m²
2 m 3.4×3.4 m² ≈ 11.6 m²
3 m 5.1×5.1 m² ≈ 26 m²
4 m 6.8×6.8 m² ≈ 46 m²
6 m 10.2×10.2 m² ≈ 104 m²
8 m 13.6×13.6 m² ≈ 185 m²
11.5 m (max) 19.6×19.6 m² ≈ 382 m²

Why do lines flicker ?

How often do you need to calibrate the system ?

What happens if the projector or the workplace have to be in motion ?

What types of file formats can be projected ?

How will the laser projection adapt to different 2D and 3D surfaces ?

How can i use laser projection for quality control ?

Laser safety !

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