Precise and manually adjustable room lasers for patient alignment at LINAC isocenter

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Cost-conscious positioning precision

Features of ASTOR room laser


Even at a distance of 4 meters, the maximum laser line width is 1 mm. The line straightness within the line shows barely any deviations, even at a distance of 3 meters. You can always be sure of the precision of our lasers.

Optimally visible

The optical room laser components are designed and manufactured with extreme accuracy. Plane parallel glass with anti-reflective coating prevents any interference with the red or green laser beam. The brightness distribution remains constant at all times. Benefit from optimal visibility for precise patient positioning.


A high-quality aluminum housing reliably protects the fine mechanics and optical components inside. You don't need to fear damage even from gentle impacts. Highly shatterproof glass stands up to all the rigors of clinical daily life.


Adapt the room laser design to the circumstances of your space. Direct wall mounting or on a freestanding floor support are both possible. In addition, the room laser can be inclined up to 45°. This gives you flexibility even in tight spaces.

Resistant to radiation

Scattered radiation occurs in environments surrounding linear accelerators. The components in our room lasers have been tested under extreme exposure conditions and optimized for these conditions. The many years of availability without compromising on quality is an exceptional track record that speaks for itself.


The quality of our products is also reflected in their service life – and in our support. Should you need any service, we are quick to respond and offer the right solution for you. This is how we work for a sustainable partnership.

Technical data

Laser color (typical wave length) red (635 nm), green (520 nm)
Laser class 2
Line width up to 4 m distance < 1 mm
Line length at 3 m distance > 3 m
Power supply 100–240 V AC
Internal voltage 24 V DC
Operating temperature 15–30 °C
Dimensions (L× W × H) 86 × 90 × 182 mm (3.4 × 3.5 × 7.2”)
Weight 1.4 kg
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