Slab phantom in water-equivalent RW3 material for regular dosimetry on the LINAC

Key Figures
measurement positions
measurement positions
chamber adapters available
chamber adapters available
plate sizes
plate sizes
plus testing options
plus testing options

Easy dosimetry implementation



Absolutely homogeneous RW3 material has been developed for high-energy photon- and electron irradiation. This therefore guarantees reliable measurement in any position – and obviously, also in the case of repeat measurements.


With the variety of positioning options offered by the plates themselves, and the vast range of adapter plates for detectors, EASY SLAB is flexible enough to adapt to the required measurement. Two phantom sizes supplement the options.


Carry out routine tasks not just reliably, but quickly thanks to the simple and convenient handling. The phantom is supplied in a coffer case for easy transport and storage.

Technical Data

Material Water-equivalent polystyrene (RW3) for high-energy photon and electron radiation
Energy range Photons 60Co – 25 MV, Electrons 4 – 23 MeV
Material composition Polystyrene (C8H8) with admixture of 2.1 % ± 0.2 % TiO2
Mass density 1.045 g /cm3
(Z/A)r value 0.536
Electron density 3.386 × 1023 e/g
Electron concentration 3.39 × 1023 e/cm3


300 x 300 x 300 mm 1 slab 1 mm thickness, 2 slabs 2 mm, 1 slab 5 mm, 29 slabs 10 mm
400 x 400 x 300 mm 1 slab 1 mm thickness, 2 slabs 2 mm, 1 slab 5 mm, 29 slabs 10 mm
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