to operate SERVOLASER Xpert
without programmable logic controller.


The LAP SERVOLASER Xpert is designed to operate with a PLC (programmable logic controller).
Still, many applications don't have a PLC. To address this situation, LAP developed SEQUENCE Xpert. This software runs on a PC and offers control of the moveable laser modules. 

SEQUENCE Xpert allows to enter single coordinates for the moveable lasers, store a sequence of positions and move the laser lines accordingly. Sequence steps may be triggered by click or by a time schedule. Additionally, you may adjust the brightness of the lasers and the travelling speed of the moveable modules.  The software also visualizes the current status of the connected SERVOLASER Xpert.

The SEQUENCE Xpert software is free of charge and can be ordered with any SERVOLASER Xpert. A detailed user manual is provided.



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In the Production view you can manually move and control the laser modules. In addition you can execute sequences and visualise the status of the currently connected device.


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In the Settings view you can select the software interface language and the measurement unit to be used. In addition, in this view you connect the software with a device and enter certain parameters for the device.


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In the Sequence Editor view you can load and save sequence files as well as create and edit sequences. A sequence file may contain multiple sequences. A sequence consists of several steps. Different parameters for controlling the individual laser modules are defined in each step of a sequence.

Parameters of a step:

  • Name of the step
  • Position (laser module)
  • Speed (laser module)
  • Brightness (laser module)
  • Waiting time (defines the waiting time between the individual steps)

Typical applications

  • Placement of material or objects with different width
  • Showing visual guidance at varying positions
  • Visualizing process steps with one degree of freedom for movement

System Requirements

  • Computer running a Microsoft Windows operating system [Windows 7 (32/64 bit) or Windows 10 (32/64 bit)]
  • .NET Framework 4.6 or later
  • Monitor resolution: at least
    1024 x 900 pixels