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Short demonstration of using LAP projectors during the production of composite parts



Composites are used in a growing number of industries. Carbon fiber parts are light-weighted, strong and can be produced customer-specific even in small numbers.

More and more small companies start using laser projectors, knowing the advantages they offer. LAP laser template projectors are small, versatile and easy-to-use. They increase the through-put of production by up to 100%. ROI is reached after a short time, often within the first year of use.

The use of laser projectors makes mechanical templates or time-consuming measurement procedures obsolete. The data file for projection is generated from the CAD data used for product design. The outlines of the different layers are shown on the tool surface. Large areas are covered by connecting the required number of projectors.

Besides applications in aerospace industry, you may encounter composites in

  • car racing, formula 1
  • automotive industry
  • shipbuilding
  • production of items for personal security: helmets, protective clothing
  • sports and leisure: parts of equipment, bicyle frames
  • various industrial products

In all of these areas, laser projectors may increase quality and simplify workflows.

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Laser projection during production of composite parts

Composite parts consist of several layers, that are placed on top of each other in a tool. The number of layers depends on the local strength needed to absorb inner and outer forces. As a result, many objects have irregular surfaces, meaning a different number of layers to be stacked.

Up to now, mechanical templates (paper, metal, plastics, ...) or measurement instructions have been used for positionning of cut-outs. But this work is time-consuming. Changes in design cause the need of new templates or changed instructions.

CAD data, available from product design, are the basics for projection of outlines. If the design changes, only the projection files have to be adjusted.

Using the generated projection files and being calibrated on a tool surface, the projectors display the outlines as a laser line.

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