LAP laser projectors can be used for moving or static production processes.  

The main application is placement of formwork modules for openings or recesses in prefabs. There is no longer need for time-consuming measuring of positions. The chance of errors is reduced. Even semiskilled workers can do reliable work, and precision of the parts is increase.



A clearly visible laser line marks the target position to the exact millimetre and facilitates precise working
It can be seen at a glance whether or not the part has been installed correctly
The software compensates for the different heights of built-in components

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Overlapping projection at a placement station

Solutions for different concrete prefab processes

LAP offers laser projection assistance for prefab concrete part production on circulating pallets or stationary long beds and for special formwork elements. We support the production of solid and double walls, filigran slabs, facade elements, roof and floor slabs, panels and individual shuttering for stairs, light wells, balconies or similar prefabricated items.  

Laser projectors show the outlines or centerlines of elements to be placed, like empty conduits, wiring ducts, outlet or switch boxes, whole windows or doorframes. Structural elements like reinforcements, anchor plates and rails or steel spikes may also be displayed by laser lines. You name it, you provide the CAD data, we provide the visualisation for faster work and error prevention.

After placement, you may also check all elements for presence and correct position to support quality assurance.

Customers (Extract)

A/S Boligbeton, ABI - Andernacher Bimswerk, Avermann, Bertolin, Betonwerk Bürkle GmbH & Co. KG, Carribean Homes, CEIS, Coneng, CPT A/S, Dolcan S.A., Ebawe, Erath, ETE Turkey, Fabcon, Finfrock, Franz Oberndorfer GmbH & Co., Gabecon, Ideal Betonelementbau GmbH & Co. KG, Mammut Technoconcrete, Preconco, Prohellas, Pujol, Reymann-Technik GmbH, Sasso Precast Concrete Pty Ltd, Scheidt GmbH & Co. KG, Schumann Beton GmbH, Systembau Eder GmbH & Co. KG, TEB, Unitechnik, VIKON, Wochner