LAP laser systems for projection or measurement are used in the whole processing chain of wood.

Examples for the use of linelasers

Circular saw
  • Alignment of logs at multi-blade saw > PD Lasers
  • Alignment of planks at edge saw > ULTRALINE Lasers
  • Display of cutting line at panel saw > ULTRALINE Lasers
  • Cutting line at circular and ribbon saws > HD Lasers
  • Cutting line at veneer clipper > UD Lasers
  • ...



The animation shows an ULTRALINE laser mounted at a table saw.
LAP offers various line lasers and brackets for different saws.


Examples for the use of laser projectors

Glulam truss
  • Alignment of workpieces at CNC machining centres
  • Alignment of parts in prefabrication
  • Positioning of timber and sheets for the production of nailed trusses
  • Alignment of the press posts for the production of glulam trusses
  • Display of assembly positions
  • Display of outlines for glueing and laminating
  • ...

Laser projection system WOOD PRO




Laser projectors are used during the production of prefabricated wood elements. The animation shows an example of the manufacturing.




World's largest woodworking machine for glulam (BSH) applications. Customer: Derix, Germany




Production of roof trusses with the help of laser projectors


Examples for the use of SERVOLASER

Edge saw
  • Display of blade position at edge saw
  • Pre-adjustment of saw blades at multi rip saw machines
  • ...




Please see here the function and the use of our SERVOLASER in sawmills.


Examples for use of laser sensors

MDF plates
  • Measuring thickness and width after planer
  • Thickness measurement of MDF panels before and after sanding
  • Measurement of edge profile on MDF panels
  • Multitrack thickness measurement of chipboard
  • ...

Laser sensors



See here an example for a 5-track thickness measurement of chipboards.


Customers (Extract)

Blooming Grove Stair Co., Biesse, Bürstadt Furniture GmbH, Cms, DERIX, EiMa Nord GmbH, Flexwood, HOLTEC, Fachhochschule Rosenheim, Geschwender Innenausbau GmbH, Graw, Heinrich KUPER GmbH & Co. KG, Holzfachschule Bad Wildungen, HOLZHER, HOMAG, Hüttemann, kronospan, Linck, Lufthansa Technik, Martin, Monza, Murr Holzhäuser, Neue Holzbau AG, Papenbroock GmbH & Co. KG, Rubner, SATE, Schweigl OHG, STORAENSO, Strechy92, Vosskamp, WEINMANN, Wolf Systembau GmbH, Zaklad Stolarski

LAP is is a member of the Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau e.V.