Quality assurance in radiotherapy

EASY CUBE for easy Linac QA
EASY CUBE for easy Linac QA

Water-based and water-equivalent phantoms are qualified to measure dose distribution since the human body consits mainly of water. Water tank phantoms are used for acceptance, commissioning and annual QA tests.

For frequently recurring tasks in quality assurance, water-equivalent RW3 material is an integral and time-efficient tool for every medical physicist.

Our EASY SLAB and EASY CUBE phantoms are made of RW3 and therefore perfectly suited for these requirements.

LAP Laser Systems for Patient Alignment

LAP has been delivering state of the art patient alignment laser systems for radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, and diagnostic radiology since 1984.

LAP lasers have a solid track record in clinical use worldwide. LAP develops solutions for new diagnostic and therapeutic radiological applications in close cooperation with leading institutions and equipment manufacturers. Building on a strong tradition of experience in the medical industry, LAP has become the world leader in laser systems for simulation and treatment room applications.

LAP Laser systems at a glance