Laser technology from Lüneburg in Germany in operation at leading international companies

Uwe Bernhard Wache, Managing Director

In 1984, LAP being pioneers in laser technology, started to develop simple point and line laser units for industrial measuring systems. The company founders soon recognized the growing demand for non-contact measuring techniques in industrial applications. The laser increasingly served as the central component of complex systems which distinguished themselves by the deep integration into the customers’ specific production environments.

In human medicine, current techniques require the highest accuracy in diagnosis and therapy. LAP laser systems support the optimal treatment with maximum precision for reproducible patient positioning. LAP is the world leader in the market for patient positioning in radiation therapy.

The developments by LAP soon brought about complete solutions for the highly challenging measuring tasks needed in the steel industry. Especially the rolling mill environment called for systems that were precise and extremely robust at the same time. Such systems had to be protected against vapour, scale, dust, vibrations, high temperatures and collisions with the rolling stock.

Over the years, LAP became well known as a manufacturer of high-precision, industry-proof measuring systems also in other industrial sectors. Today LAP's worldwide customers include companies such as ThyssenKrupp, Siemens and Airbus.

LAP introduced innovative optical technology in a wide range of industrial fields. Without these technological advances certain achievements in modern production processes would not be possible today, examples being the high level of efficiency attained in steel sheet and wire rod production and latest quality control methods applied in line pipe production.

In "projection" applications, LAP laser systems are used in aircraft manufacturing. Here they project the contours of built-in parts and make the manufacture of wings and tail units not only easier but also a lot safer. Similar LAP systems are used in the precast industry to ensure that precast components feature the correct dimensions. And in the manufacture of kitchen countertops, for example, they check whether the products have been machined with the required accuracy.

In all these applications, the laser unit still is the central, integrating element, which in its basic form as a point or line laser formed the starting point for the business in 1984. Managing Director Uwe Bernhard Wache takes an optimistic look at the future: "Our recipe for success is: lend our customers an ear and understand their requirements. We owe the fact that we have been able to open up many new markets to the intensive dialogue that we maintain with our customers and that enables us to build the systems exactly as needed in practice."

In addition to the headquarters in Lüneburg, the LAP staff takes care of the company’s worldwide customers through branches in the USA, Singapore and Shanghai and a network of technical agencies.

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