LAP culture


Our Guidelines

We manufacture laser systems for measuring and positioning tasks which benefit people.

Our products safeguard quality, enhance efficiency and contribute to the success of our clients.

We strive for business success through team-oriented work on the basis of the trust and commitment of every single colleague.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Pulling Together

The foundation of our outstanding performance is our enthusiasm, our unusual keenness to perform, the enjoyment of our work and not least the way we pull together.

Together we are strong, flexible and capable of learning.

We respond to our clients and to each other with openness and friendliness.
We treat problems as challenges, focus on solutions and opportunities to improve.

We always want to give our best.

Our mutual dealings are characterised by the multiplicity of our personalities and skills and by single-minded orientation to our objective and mutual success.

We always live and act consciously in accordance with our guiding principles, creating that special quality of togetherness which clients, partners and visitors so value.

2. Orientation to the Client

The benchmark for our products is set by the wishes and demands of our clients.

Our objective is always to establish, maintain and expand long-term cooperation which brings success to our existing clients and not least to inspire new clients.

3. Competence and Innovation

We wish to lead the field.

We differentiate ourselves because we are innovative and pursue integral solutions.

We exploit the synergies inherent in a wide range of technologies and application areas in medicine and industry.

We see this multiplicity of skills as our advantage and our strength.

We nurture contact with the scientific community and with the markets and always keep a close eye on developments and trends.

Continuous improvement in the quality of our products and the performance of our processes enjoy the highest priority.

4. Leadership

Our principle of leadership is to pursue clear and demanding objectives and to take responsibility for their achievement.

Our attitude is characterised by trust and esteem.

Our style of management is cooperative.

Management personnel make decisions after considering all important aspects.

When a decision is made, it is one which we all support.

Management personnel are role models for the attitudes which we strive for and for our dealings.

Those attitudes and dealings which are characterised by our model are an integral part of our daily practice.

5. Personnel Development

It means a great deal to us to motivate our personnel and provide them with appropriate opportunities for development.

We strive to constantly improve ourselves.

The development of personal skills is the responsibility of each individual and contributes to the success of our company.

We create scope for development by communicating with each other and solving problems together.

We understand personnel development as an ongoing process oriented to the objectives of our company, a process which takes into consideration individual differences and forms an integral part of our work.

By breaking down corporate objectives to the level of each individual, those objectives are rendered transparent, make sense and provide direction to development.

We put our faith in the self-organisation skills of our teams and organisational divisions by granting them space to exchange and innovate.

We develop the talent and potential of our personnel and management team and use constructive feedback as an important instrument of development.

6. Resources

We strive to always achieve a conscious handling of our personal and corporate resources in order to establish sustainable performance and success.

LAP wishes to sustain and promote the health of company personnel.

We are conscious of our social responsibility for both the region of Lueneburg and ourselves.

We commit ourselves on many fronts and support the socially disadvantaged.

LAP promotes togetherness among company personnel.

7. Business Location

We are proud of our headquarters Lueneburg and, with a solid background as a basis, are open to world-market developments.

The development of our global presence contributes to the securing of our Lüneburg business location.

LAP offers secure and attractive jobs and thereby contributes to the economic and social development of our location.

8. Ecology

LAP wishes to provide its personnel with a healthy and agreeable working environment.

The ecologically conceived buildings form the basis for our understanding of ecology.

We put our faith in the personal sense of responsibility of each member of staff to ensure thrifty and efficient handling of ecological resources.

We stand by our ecological responsibilities in the manufacture, operation and waste disposal of our products.

Address Headquarter

LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen
Zeppelinstr. 23
21337 Lueneburg

Phone: +49 4131 9511-95
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