LAP Sustainability

LAP and environmental protection

More and more mankind starts to understand, that our natural resources are not infinite.

LAP used renewable resources from the foundation of the first buiding: the roof of the first building is planted with grass for better insulation, and the complete roof of the new building consists of solar panels. A rainwater collection and distribution system provides water for toilets, plants and gardens, saving more than 300,000 liters of drinking-water a year.

For heating, LAP uses a modern low-temperature calorific value gas burner. Flat radiators take care of a cosy atmosphere.

LAP and ecology

From the beginning, LAP understood, that a healthy working environment is fundamental for motivation. If you feel good at your office, you perform better.

The LAP buildings don't look spectacular from outside, but inside they offer an atmosphere of light, wood (native pine) and plants. The building structure consists of visible wooden pillars and beams, the offices have glass fronts to the inside, rooflight and big windows, oases of green in central or common areas nearly give a tropical impression. Furthermore, you will find planters, pots and container with green plants all over the building.

Did we mention around the building there are fruit trees and bushes for employees use? (no spraying!)



LAP is deeper involved in corporate environmental protection than required by law. The regional government, the Landkreis Lueneburg, honors this commitment by investing LAP as "ECOPROFIT-Company 2009 / 2010".

LAP Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy

As a leading global company dedicated to producing high-value laser technology for our customers, LAP is aware of concerns that conflict minerals1) mined in designated regions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and neighboring countries may be making their way into the electronic industry supply chain, and may be in conflict with human rights and environmental protection.

LAP is committed to the ethical sourcing and supports the use of “conflict free minerals” in its products.

Our goal is to refrain from purchasing and using conflict minerals from DRC for our products, except for those materials that are certified as “conflict free”.

In accordance with our general sustainable approach we are taking measures to ensure that the products do not contain any conflict mineral.

  • LAP has committed not to purchase any raw material and consequently does not directly source minerals from the DRC. 
  • LAP proactively undertake due diligence and continuous monitoring of the supply chain to avoid direct or indirect procurement of conflict minerals. 
    • LAP requests our existing suppliers to confirm that they do not use conflict minerals. 
    • If a supplier becomes aware of the use of conflict minerals in any goods supplied to LAP, it shall immediately inform LAP. Such notification shall include any tracking information to specify which goods may contain these minerals. 
    • LAP will qualify new electronic suppliers to increase transparency of potentially conflict minerals. 
  • With the perspective of upcoming European laws LAP confirms to comply with those regulations. 

1) The Term conflict minerals refer to tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold from mines and smelters that have directly or indirectly contributed to the financing of armed groups in designated regions in the DRC. 

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