Measuring the profile by using light section

The ProfileCheck system uses line lasers which project a continuous line onto the circumference of the section. Cameras scan this line, the contour of which changes in relation to the shape and position of the measured object. 

A dedicated software program computes the exact profile of the measured object in real time, with each individual measurement generating one complete cross sectional profile. The measurement starts automatically when a section reaches the measuring frame. 

The measured sections are displayed on a monitor as cross sectional graphs, and the longitudinal profile is immediately calculated from the accumulated cross sectional values and displayed on the same screen. Any deviations between target and actual dimensions are highlighted in color. 

The control personnel see, at a glance, whether the actual dimensions are within the allowable tolerance limits and can immediately intervene in the production process as required.

The available data enables continuous, traceable quality control of each individual section. The measuring and analysis values can be used for quality control and process optimization purposes.

Application example: Böhler Edelstahl