Five Times More Green Power Production at LAP

LAP is building 242 new photovoltaic panels to produce green energy at the company's site in Lüneburg. Over a period of 20 years, the new photovoltaic system will enable a reduction of around 600 tons of CO2.


LAP has installed a new photovoltaic system on the roof of its company building. With 242 highly efficient PV modules, it has a total output of around 100 kWp. The modern photovoltaic system will enable LAP to produce approximately 88,000 kWh of electricity annually.

The new photovoltaic system expands PV modules from 2007 at LAP's main site in Lüneburg. With the existing capacities, an annual electricity production of 21,000 kWh has been realized. Over 20 years, the new photovoltaic system will further save around 600 tons of CO2.

Thomas Simmerer, Managing Director of LAP: "The new photovoltaic system's installation positively contributes to LAP's sustainability. We want to continue making climate-friendly decisions to operate even more sustainably."

Sustainable decisions have played an important role at LAP since its founding. The buildings were built with environmental criteria in mind as early as 1983. For example, some of the buildings have green roofs. With this year's expansion of the PV infrastructure, LAP now produces more than five times as much renewable electricity as before. LAP is very pleased with this further effective contribution to sustainability.

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