LAP introduces CAD-PRO Xpert - Industrial laser projector with cutting-edge technology platform

LAP is proud to unveil CAD-PRO Xpert, the latest edition of its industrial laser projection systems, at this year's JEC WORLD. This innovation marks a significant milestone in the company's dedication to delivering the most advanced laser engineering for precise, efficient, and reliable laser-guided positioning tasks to various industries.


Redefining laser projection in production processes
The new CAD-PRO Xpert laser projector is built on a powerful technology platform. It offers advanced control technology and cutting-edge network capabilities in a compact design, providing unparalleled-quality laser projections of CAD outlines, templates, or patterns.

Developed to meet the highest demands of modern production lines, CAD-PRO Xpert is set to redefine work ergonomics in composite manufacturing, wind rotor blade production, shipbuilding, automotive, woodworking, precast concrete parts production, and many more industries.

Martin Dronsek, Head of Business Unit Industry at LAP, highlights the significance of this technology, saying: "We are excited about the release of the new CAD-PRO Xpert. Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable solutions for various industries and applications. Our vision is to revolutionize the way laser technology is used in production processes."

Key features and benefits

  • Remarkable projection quality
    Engineered with a powerful technology platform, CAD-PRO Xpert delivers remarkable projection quality with accurate and homogenous laser lines, improving work ergonomics.
  • Dual laser sources for redundancy
    Optional redundancy with a second laser source eliminates downtime, and a boost function maximizes visibility, even at long distances.
  • Multi-color projections
    Multi-color projections in up to six colors allow more information display options directly on production lines' workpieces.
  • Laser safety
    An integrated distance sensor ensures safe laser operations, reflecting our "Safety First" motto.
  • Robust operations
    Gigabit Ethernet ensures fast and safe data transfer, while the compact and lightweight industrial housing supports operation even in demanding environments. The integrated cooling unit allows use in ambient conditions up to +50 degrees Celsius.

Value-adding Ecosystem
CAD-PRO Xpert is part of the LAP Plus Ecosystem, covering the most advanced laser technology, easy-to-use software, and camera-guided quality assurance. The components of LAP's value-adding ecosystem are modular by design and perfectly harmonized, offering scalable solutions that seamlessly integrate into various production environments.

"CAD-PRO Xpert laser projector provides more colors, better visibility, and precision than ever before while increasing production processes' accuracy, efficiency, and reliability," said Martin Dronsek. "It is a versatile tool for any industry looking to modernize their production processes and provide their employees with high-quality workspaces."

The CAD-PRO Xpert is available for purchase now.

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