LAP Joins #UniteRT: Advancing Patient-Centric Radiation Therapy Through Collaboration

Elevating Patient Care Through Collaboration, Interoperability, and Transparent Communication in Radiation Therapy


LAP has joined UniteRT, a newly founded collaborative initiative. UniteRT brings together leading radiation therapy technology vendors to elevate patient needs through interoperable solutions.

As all members of UniteRT, LAP aligns with the principles of “open interfaces”, “open communication”, and “open competition”. We at LAP have been cultivating these important values for a long time.

Open interfaces allow products from different vendors to interoperate safely and effectively. As a member of UniteRT, LAP advocates to follow standard interfaces. For the benefit of interoperability, we favor an exchange of specifications and conformance statements between technology vendors.

Open communication favors a vendor-agnostic ecosystem. Members can use each other’s brand names when describing their products. They can make neutral statements about how their products work with other members’ products. At LAP, we believe in this kind of transparency to strengthen the collaborative process of improving patients' health.

Open and fair competition has always been a core principle of LAP. To ensure this, customers must be free to choose products from different vendors. Since freedom of choice ultimately benefits patients, this principle remains the foundation of all professional activities.

“The UniteRT membership underlines our continuous efforts towards true patient-centric innovation,.”, states Head of Marketing at LAP Dr. Ralf Müller-Polyzou. “We are happy to contribute to radiation therapy technology in line with the charter of principles."

UniteRT follows an industry-changing approach to “UNITE” radiation therapy solutions. Regardless of brand, UniteRT members are committed to prioritizing patient needs at every phase of care.

Jens Gauthier, Managing Director Healthcare at LAP: “We want to ensure that patient health is a unified effort. By joining UniteRT, we reinforce our commitment to collaborative success and transparency in radiation therapy".


Please click here to find more information about UniteRT.

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