LAP Laser Applications Asia Pacific to collaborate on study to enhance quality assurance in radiotherapy treatment

LAP Laser Applications Asia Pacific (LAP) announced a collaboration with the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) to enhance quality assurance in radiotherapy treatment. This research collaboration will conduct a comprehensive study evaluating the performance and efficacy of LAP's RadCalc 3D software in patient-specific quality assurance (PSQA).


PSQA plays a crucial role in the radiotherapy workflow, ensuring that the dose delivered to patients accurately matches the planned dose. The RadCalc 3D software, known for its capabilities in 3D secondary dose calculation and in-vivo dosimetry with an EPID detector, is leveraged in this project.

The project, supervised and coordinated by Dr Tan Hong Qi, Senior Medical Physicist, Division of Radiation Oncology, NCCS, focuses on two primary areas of Quality Assurance in radiotherapy, an end-to-end phantom study of the in-vivo dosimetry module of RadCalc, as well as algorithm evaluation of the Eclipse AAA algorithm to the RadCalc Collapsed Cone and Monte Carlo algorithms used for secondary dose calculations.

This initiative will analyse plans for multiple cancer types, including head and neck, prostate and lung cancers. The project results will be shared with the radiation oncology community, underlining the commitment of both partners to advancing research and development in radiotherapy.

Lee Tang Nah, CEO of LAP Laser Applications Asia Pacific, said, “The collaboration underscores the commitment of LAP Laser to improving patient care through technological innovation and research excellence.”

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