LAP webinar: Boost efficiency in precast concrete production by adding laser projection

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Max Mandt-Merck, sales manager at LAP, will explain how to use laser projection systems in order to significantly increase precast concrete parts production. Find out how to accelerate manual set-up at work stations and increase productivity in production while simultaneously improving precast element quality.  Get to know our CAD-PRO laser projection system! LAP will give a live demonstration of the system’s functionalities.

Laser projection systems for precast concrete parts production

Precast concrete parts factories must produce large quantities of the same quality in an ever-shorter time. At the same time, complexity of the produced parts is constantly on the rise. In order to face the ever growing complexity and meet the demand for high component quality and cycle times, more and more plants worldwide are implementing laser projection systems. Laser template projectors eliminate the need for manual measuring by means of a tape measure and optimize efficiency throughout the entire production cycle.LAP, a manufacturer of laser projection systems with years of experience in precast concrete parts production, will give a live demonstration of the system's functionalities. You will see step by step how to use the system for displaying cut-outs, formwork parts, mounting elements and conducting final check. Join us and learn how to minimize errors and optimize output of your production!

Key topics

  • Live demo: how to use LAP’s CAD-PRO laser systems to accelerate manual set-up of pallets and tables, flat beds, or deck
  • Control all processing steps with the PRO-SOFT operating software
  • From CAD data to laser projection – support for various data formats (Unitechnik, DXF, plotter formats, etc.) and master computer systems
  • From mounting and installation to system configuration

Contents are tailored to region-specific needs and requirements.

The presenter

Max Mandt-Merck started his career with LAP in 2009. As sales manager for CAD-PRO laser projection systems, he has been responsible for the worldwide business activities in the precast concrete industry since 2014. That long-term expertise has given him in-depth know-how in concrete applications and profound knowledge in laser projection systems.

Dates and registration

To respect our partners and customers worldwide, we offer different dates and times. Interested companies worldwide can attend the webinar live in their specific time zones:

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 • 09:30am CEST (webinar will be held in German)
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Tuesday, May 26, 2020 •11:00am CEST (webinar will be held in English)
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Tuesday, June 9, 2020 • 8:00pm CEST (webinar will be held in English)
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Wednesday, June 10, 2020 • 8:00am CEST (webinar will be held in English)
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Unable to attend the live webinar? Please register anyway. The webinar will be recorded and available to view at your convenience. Attendance is free of charge.

Last, but not least:

By attending one of the series webinars, you qualify for a discount on your next order from LAP:
Inside EU: 5% on products and services (maintenance contracts and repairs excluded), and all on-site surveying works* free of charge.
Outside EU: 10% on products and services (maintenance contracts and repairs excluded).
This promotion is valid for new orders that are concluded before 01.10.2020. The discount is valid once for the company where the webinar participant is employed and is not transferable.
* Surveying services are variable and depend on the situation at the customer's site. They typically, but not necessarily, cover the first working day of installation.

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