LAP supports women's soccer: jersey donation for uniformity and success

LAP shows its commitment to women's soccer and strengthens team spirit with jerseys that symbolize community and passion.


LAP shows its commitment to promoting women's soccer by donating a jersey to an enthusiastic team in which Anne is active. During an interview with this employee, we learned more about her passion for soccer and the impact this donation has had on the team.

She told us that she started playing soccer purely for the fun of it, but her passion eventually led her to regular point play, where she now competes on the field along with more than 30 talented players.
The donation in the form of uniform jerseys has immense significance for the team. The same jerseys strengthen the team feeling and underline the unity and cohesion of the players, both on and off the field. Anne emphasized how pleased the team was with this gesture and how important it is for appreciation and equality compared to men's soccer.

"This generous donation shows that women's soccer is gaining popularity and is deservedly recognized. It makes our team feel motivated and encouraged to work even harder and achieve their athletic goals," said Anne.

Soccer serves as an important balance to her office job and contributes significantly to her physical fitness and health. She also stressed the importance of setting priorities to balance sports and work successfully.

We are proud to contribute to the promotion of women's soccer.

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