White paper: Area marking with projection lasers

LAP has published a white paper to help companies correctly evaluate the use of projection lasers for marking pedestrian and vehicle paths, load areas or safety zones. The 16-pages document is available for free download on the LAP website.


Lasers as a cost-efficient alternative to conventional floor-marking

Projection lasers mark spaces like paths or storage areas clearly and visibly with colored laser lines. In high-wear industrial environments, industrial line lasers are an effective and cost-efficient alternative to conventional floor-marking methods. Taped or painted markings wear off and need to be replaced regularly, giving rise to considerable costs. Projected laser lines can avoid these costs as they remain permanently visible. However, installing marking lasers is not a trivial matter. For lasers to work in practice, a few important aspects need to be considered.

Check the feasibility of laser marking beforehand

“Dark and dusty environments, like in steel works, foundries, and refractory industry plants, offer the ideal operating conditions for projection lasers,” explains Christoph Kähler, product manager for line lasers at LAP and author of the white paper. “However, companies are unsettled by a lack of correct information and are unsure if laser marking makes sense for their task. Quickly purchasing a cheap off-the-shelf product seldom leads to success. This is where our approach comes in: the white paper helps companies to check the feasibility of laser marking beforehand and to make the right investment decision. Of course, we also advise companies personally and assist them in evaluating whether laser marking is suitable for their specific situation,” says Christoph Kähler.

Topics of the 16-pages white paper

  • Why use projection lasers for area marking?
    This white paper is intended to help companies correctly evaluate the use of line lasers for area marking, and choose the best lasers for the job. The white paper explains the basics in a readily understandable way.
  • Which aspects need to be considered before installation?
    We answer key questions to help you make a decision: What applications is laser marking suitable for? What is the correct way to mark areas with lasers? What is the right kind of laser? What ambient conditions as well as safety and legal aspects need to be considered?
  • Is laser marking right for my task?
    Do the real-world check. Our checklist will help you better evaluate feasibility upfront.

The white paper has been published in co-operation with HSE Engineering Consulting and is available for free download here

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