Worlwide release of the DTEC-PRO camera system

The camera system is the ideal addition to new LAP CAD-PRO laser projection systems as well as existing systems as a retrofit. It is compatible with all versions of the PRO-SOFT 5.1 control software.


Short calibration times, increased process security

LAP has introduced the DTEC-PRO camera system to speed up calibration of CAD-PRO laser projection systems, making manual production processes even more efficient. As soon as the camera detects a 'familiar' workpiece, it will automatically begin calibrating. The system will immediately recognize if a tool is accidentally moved and correct for it by automatically repositioning laser projections to avoid positioning errors. This means fewer steps for operators and considerably shorter set-up times, fewer errors and increased reliability in the production process for companies.

Easy retrofit to LAP CAD-PRO laser projection systems

LAP offers the DTEC-PRO camera system as an optional add-on for new installations as well as for existing CAD-PRO laser projection systems. “We deliberately chose a modular approach by not integrating the DTEC-PRO into the housing of the laser projector. This allows customers to update their CAD-PRO laser projection systems with ease,” explains Matthias Lange, product manager responsible for the system at LAP.

Modularity allows for customer-specific system set-up

The modularity of the system gives customers the key advantage of being able to tailor the system to meet their individual needs. One or more DTEC-PRO systems can be combined with one or more CAD-PRO or CAD-PRO COMPACT laser projectors. There is practically no limit to the number of tools or laser projectors. LAP is happy to help companies set up their system to achieve the best possible field of view for the camera. Depending on the customer-specific requirements, it is even possible to use a four-head projection system with a single DTEC-PRO system. This keeps investments low. “For workpieces big and small, DTEC-PRO offers customers the freedom they need for their processes with unbeatable value for money,” Matthias Lange says.

PRO-SOFT 5.1 control software supports DTEC-PRO

With the release of PRO-SOFT 5.1, the camera function is now integrated into the LAP control software. DTEC-PRO is compatible with all current and future PRO-SOFT 5.1 software versions (for the composite, concrete and wood industries and other sectors). “This results in more future-proof investments. For existing installations, operators can continue working with the graphical user interface they are familiar with. They just need to perform a simple software update. After receiving some short instructions, the team is ready to use the system,” explains Harald Grimm, product manager responsible for PRO-SOFT at LAP. The DTEC-PRO software itself will be configured by LAP during commission.

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