by IR flash and camera.
No more manual targeting.

  • faster
  • easier
  • retrofittable


Animated display of cooperation between DTEC-PRO, CAD-PRO and PRO-SOFT in a Smart Factory production cell



Exemplary installation in production cell
image of production cell with laser template projection equipment and mold


Triple acceleration for your production process:

DTEC-PRO IR driven camera detects target positions for high-speed calibration.

CAD-PRO laser projectors replace manual templates for faster object positioning.

PRO-SOFT control software organizes workflows and streamlines operation for reduced processing time.


DTEC-PRO IR flash illuminates area with targets to accelerate calibration
image of DTEC-PRO illuminating a group of targets

A combination of a circular flashlight and a camera detects reflecting targets and forwards their positions to the PRO-SOFT software - invisibly, as the flash works in the infrared spectrum.

One DTEC-PRO may cover the area of several projectors and identify multiple tools or molds. Tools known to the system will be identified and then calibrated automatically. Manually targeting of each reflector will be obsolete.

Depending on configuration and workflow, you may reduce the calibration time to a mere minimum: if you, for example, needed around 120 seconds to calibrate an easy to grasp tool with 6 targets, the automated calibration may take only some 6 seconds. More than 90% saved time, multiplied by number of work places, tools and/or several runs a day?
The benefits should be obvious.

DTEC-PRO only need a software update to be retrofitted to existing systems.
Just contact us, and we can discuss the details.