Application Movie

Short demonstration of applications in manufacturing of aircrafts.

  • Composite lay-up
  • Brackets positioning in the fuselage
  • Display of paint scheme

build-up of composite parts

Laser Projection for lay-up tasks

Modern aircraft production would be impossible without carbon fiber parts. During build-up of the carbon fiber components the COMPOSITE PRO system indicate by laser beams where each individual carbon fiber layer has to go. This saves time and money as the components no longer need to be aligned by means of difficult-to-handle templates and complicated measurements. The laser projectors are also used to check the position of the layers during the assembly process. This ensures that any errors in the manufacturing process are precluded at a very early stage.

See composites for details.

Simplify the assembly of complicated interiors

ASSEMBLY PRO by LAP indicates the steps involved, and reveals boreholes and cable ducts in the fuselage.

The digital laser template ASSEMBLY PRO uses laser beams to project CAD data directly on the workpiece, for example when disassembling the fuselage. ASSEMBLY PRO is significantly faster than using templates for marking or manual measurements. The laser indicates the steps and shows the position of, for example, drill holes, cable ducts, or pipes. This especially accelerates and simplifies the complicated assembly of airplanes interiors and improves precision.

Reliably perform creative paint jobs

PAINT PRO by LAP facilitates the airplane painting process: For example, laser projectors can indicate the precise location of lettering on the fuselage.

The PAINT PRO system simplifies the airplane painting process by indicating the precise position of, for example, lettering, and enables creative colour combinations and complex patterns based on corporate design guidelines. The laser projectors on rollable stands are powered with batteries and are hence cablefree. The painting systems can be set up anywhere in the production hall in without having to worry about tripping over cables. The more precise work method saves time and improves quality, both in terms of positioning and repeatability.

Customers (Extract)

ACM, Aerolia SAS Meaulte, AIDC, AIP, Airbus, Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, Beijing HolyRunner Group, BHA Aero Composites Parts, BOEING, Chengdu, CTRM, DLR, EMBRAER, EADS, eurocopter, Honeywell, Jiangxi Changhe Aviation Group Co., Lufthansa Technik, Kawasaki, MS Composites, MIG, NAL, NASA, RESHETNEV, Premium Aerotec GmbH, Saab, Sabca Limburg, SUKHOI, TAL, Tupolev

LAP is a strategic partner of EADS / Airbus.