Laser-based contour measurement for bars and rebars

Use LAP optical measurement systems to measure the dimensions and straightness, as well as the surface defects and rolling errors of bars.

Whether in the construction industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding, or machine and plant construction: bar steel and rebar is processed in various industries. To meet the complex industrial requirements, LAP offers smart measurement for inline measurement of bars and reinforcing bars before, during and after rolling.

With the LAP laser measurement, you can monitor all rods along the entire length to comply with the requirements for diameter, contour, and straightness. Deviations are detected immediately, allowing the operator to intervene immediately and make corrections in the rolling process.

What can you measure with our systems?



  • Ovality
  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Straightness
  • Surface and rolling defects


  • Length
  • Profil of vertical and horizontal ribs
  • Core diameter
  • Meter weight of the ribs and core
  • Number of ribs within the cross-section


Cost reduction

Our systems communicate tolerance violations in real time. You'll save considerable costs by being warned before producing scrap.

Optimized operating periods

After changing the product, the scaffolding will be retracted to the new products faster than before. You can then quickly get back to producing within tolerance.

Permanent control

The roller settings of the entire road are constantly monitored and optimized. In case of deviations, you will be informed in real time and can take appropriate countermeasures.

Our services


We advise you  from ideation phase through the system design to the optimization of the ongoing operation. We will accommodate the regulations and standards for your business, your special requirements, and the economic conditions.

Project Management

We cooperate with you to create a project plan and we synchronize our actions to suit your time frame. We provide the engineering, production, installation, and commissioning all on schedule.


Before installation, we always test your system at our site. We coordinate the installation date with you to minimize or completely avoid downtimes. Integration into your production environment is then completed quickly and easily.


We start up your new measuring or projection system in the real production environment. In doing so, we handle the fine-tuning and carry out all tests necessary for acceptance.


We ensure that your system delivers the desired performance for years to come. You receive software updates and information about technology and service, andin addition to that, we offer cyclical inspection and maintenance of our systems.


Our worldwide service and partner network supports you anytime, anywhere. Troubleshooting is supported by remote access or local evaluation. Depending on the system, repairs will be carried out on-site or at LAP.

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