Service options for LAP moving laser systems

LAP moving laser systems are known for their reliability and performance. We recommend regular system checks and maintenance to ensure long-time operation.

To give you peace of mind, we have created our extended warranty and product maintenance service plans. By signing up for this service we will eliminate your concerns by helping you protect your investment over the long term. Lean back and don’t care about service a long term – together with you we schedule personal on-site visits of our certified and trained technicians which absolutely suit your activity.

LAP moving laser systems include the following products:

  • DORADOnova
  • DORADOnova MR3T
  • CARINA laser control systems


These warranty options extend the coverage period of your legal standard warranty up to 5 years and includes on-site visit in case of system failure.

Costs are covered, including travel expenses. 



Our Product Maintenance ONE contains one annual on-site visit to secure your smooth operation and includes:

  • System and software check 
  • Adjustment and calibration 
  • Software updates/upgrades 
  • Refresher application training 


In addition to PM ONE we visit you on-site in case of system failure. 

We offer different contract durations tailored to your needs.
Our technical service team is available to provide phone and email support, to answer any question you may have.
Phone: +49 (0) 4131 9511 339

Please note: 
Service options have to be ordered within the validity period of your legal standard warranty.
Valid only for laser systems installed by LAP service team.