LAP's laser gauge for straightness measurement of bars and tubes

Key figures
mm per meter accuracy
mm per meter accuracy
max. material diameter
max. material diameter
max. material length
max. material length
measuring rate
measuring rate
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Straightness measurement of tubes and bars live demonstrated

Learn more about the STRAIGHTNESS CHECK X-LINE features.

Precise straightness measurement of round workpieces


Flexible product sizes

The controlled material guidance during the entire production process allows rods and tubes of different sizes and lengths to be tested without difficulty.

Fast measurement

With our optical method, you can detect the straightness non-destructively and avoid any mechanical wear on the measuring system or the product.

Material independent

The STRAIGHTNESS CHECK X-LINE measures independently of physical or chemical material properties, color or reflectance. The measuring system can thus be used flexibly.

Technical data

Profile type round  
Measurement of straightness; diameter and ovality are optional  
Material flow through measurement range crosswise to orientation of long product  
Material length up to 8,000 mm* *larger material length upon request
Number of sensors 3-16  
Distance between sensors 0.5 m* *other sensor distances upon request
Measurement frequency 800 Hz  
Laser class 2  
Material temperature 0 - 100°C  
Ambient temperature 0 - 45°C  
Operating voltage 24 V DC ± 20 %  
Interfaces of measurement system Level 2; iba* *other interfaces upon request
Blower unit included  
Humidity of intake air 35-85 % humidity, not condensing  

Technical data for sensors

Sensor measurement range 45 mm 90 mm 120 mm 150 mm 180 mm 230 mm
Accuracy of straightness measurement (refers to 3 sensors per 1 meter material length) 0.1 mm/m 0.12 mm/m 0.14 mm/m 0.16 mm/m 0.18 mm/m 0.2 mm/m
Material diameter for straightness measurement 5-20 mm 5-50 mm 5-70 mm 5-90 mm 5-110 mm 5-140 mm
Material diameter for diameter and ovality measurement max. 15 mm max. 30 mm max. 40 mm max. 50 mm max. 60 mm max. 80 mm
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