LAP service

picture of LAP employee doing maintenance in a rolling mill

Laser technology by LAP has been supporting your production processes for more than 30 years. Our products are robust and, thanks to their design, require very little care and maintenance. Still, LAP products are high-precision instruments, so inspection and maintenance should be part of the applications planning.

As the need for service increases with the size and complexity of an application, LAP offers the SAFEGUARD-PRO service contract for large and medium sized systems.

SAFEGUARD-PRO is our solution for professional maintenance and support of your systems from one source. Preventive actions and system care as well as immediate support in case of malfunction assure optimum availability of your operating equipment.

Our service covers the complete process including scheduled maintenance, regular inspection and repair of all components. Maximum availability of your production capacity is our highest priority. To reach this objective we evaluate the performance of all elements and ensure your system will be up to date.


In action worldwide: LAP products and LAP service.

Separate subsidiaries and competent service partners are available to provide reliable support and advice. Our service partners are regularly qualified and certified which means that every service provided within the framework of the LAP service concept is available directly worldwide or via our regional partner.

For LAP, fast service as a result of customer proximity and contact partners in the national language is all part and parcel of service quality. If the need arises, specialists from our works in Lueneburg can also be on-site within a very short space of time.

Good service is also characterised by highly efficient logistics in relation to the procurement of spare parts and components. Our subsidiaries and service partners have their own stocks and can therefore respond very quickly if necessary.