LAP presents the THALES 3D MR SCANNER at the world’s largest radiotherapy conference

Quality assurance of the future with the LAP water phantom


How can the MR Linac be successfully commissioned? LAP has the answer to the latest technology in image-guided radiotherapy: the THALES 3D MR SCANNER for commissioning and quality assurance of the ViewRay MRIdian MR Linac.
At the 60th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) in San Antonio, Texas, LAP presented the water phantom’s current stage of development to an international audience of specialists, who responded with great interest.

The MR Linac technology combines the clinical linear accelerator with magnetic resonance imaging, allowing for precise, image-guided irradiation of the tumor.

The THALES 3D MR SCANNER aids the user with measurements thanks to its easy operation, highly precise dose measurements and pre-defined measurement sequence. The phantom is being developed in close coordination with ViewRay and MRIdian users such as Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit), the Academic Medical Center (Amsterdam) and University Hospital, Heidelberg (Germany).

APOLLO MR3T room lasers were specially constructed for use with the MR Linac and are used for positioning the patient and aligning THALES 3D MR SCANNER precisely.

LAP has also been present with a total of five laser systems at exhibition stands for Philips, Siemens, Canon and Fujifilm. The DORADOnova MR3T laser bridge system, exhibited three times, is unique on the market thanks to US FDA 510(k) approval.

LAP has also exhibited the latest generation of movable lasers, the DORADOnova 5 system, for positioning the patient on the CT. Attendees could test version 1.3 of the software for laser control, the CARINAnav, along with all its new functions at the exhibition stand. It is optimized for Windows 10 cyber security, offers improved Bluetooth laser control and is also available as a desktop version. The EASY CUBE and EASY SLAB phantoms for quality assurance were presented at the ASTRO with all their optional extensions. Regular standard outputs and extensive end-to-end tests are both possible with these phantoms.

Successful presentation of the lasers and quality assurance products was a testament once again to LAP’s innovative capacity and authority, and highlighted the trust placed in the leading large scale appliance manufacturer.

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